NEC2500A & Ritek D01 DVD+R DL Media

Anyone tried this combination with Herries Ritek DL firmware and does it work?

The Ritek D01 DVD+R DL Media is readily available in online stores albeit pricey in the UK, namely SVP for £4.49 per disc.

Anyone got kprobe scans etc for these discs burnt with the NEC2500A and Herries Ritek DL firmware with DVD-ROM booktype?

Were the discs playable in older DVD players, PS2 and XBOX?


I too, am awaiting to see a scan with this…

I have read in another forum that the results with these media in a NEC 2500 / 2510 are not good. The problem is that there is no NEC2510 firmware which offers OFFICIAL support for these media. There is only a hacked version available in which another strategy is used for these discs. So the results are not optimal.

I have burnt one Ritek D01 DVD+R DL with my ND-2500A and Herrie’s 2.16. The disc works fine on NEC and my KiSS DVD-player.

I don’t have a KProbe-capable drive so I can’t scan it, but here is a Nero CD-DVD Speed test:

that dvd-speed curve looks great to me.

Hello guys. I hope i get some Ritek DL media until next week for testing purposes. It depends if they arrive in time in Greece, where i live. I will keep up with this thread though. Please be patient as i am. :a I hate waiting for them!! :a :wink:

I have burned 1 Ritek DVD+R DL on my NEC-2500A@2510A with the Herrie 2.16 firmware. I have burned it with Nero (latest version). Works great overhere.

I have burned 4 Ritek DVD+R DL on my NEC-3500A with the Herrie 2.17 firmware. I have burned it with Nero (latest version) and CopyToDVD 3. All of the 4 disks are working on different DVD players. No problem overhere with this media and the Herrie firmware.

I have bought the media in The Netherlands at for 7,50 Euro each.

By the way, do you guys have any idea on how to do DL bitsetting? I want to use DVD Decrypter to copy a DVD-9 movie to DVD+R DL. I don’t prefer Nero because of the layer break problems. Thanks for any help in advance.

In DVD Decrypter set Mode | ISO | Write.

Then on the Main Window, bottom right it says Settings, click the little book icon to bring up the bitsetting/booktype settings :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Any of you try the Ritek DVD+R DL in PS2 or XBOX?

Does it work?


Ever considered using CopyToDVD?

My first DL movie backup using RITEK media is ready!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
The disc was created without setting booktype to DVD-ROM. My DM-TECH DM-511 standalone played the whole movie flawlessly and the layer change was the same as the original’s. Somewhere at the second layer the movie stopped with artifacts on the screen. I was frustrated but i calmed down and ejected the disc. First thing was to check the surface which had a big fingerprint. I was so excited when the burn was finished and i touched the disc’s surface. I cleaned the disc, and afterwards the movie was written perfectly. Although it is strange, why the reader couldn’t do error correction,
i think it is DVD player specific, because my Pioneer standalone played the movie flawlessly even with the fingerprint on the disc. After cleaning the disc to test it again with DM-TECH i touched the disc again in order to test error correction on each DVD player. Last but not least, the DL disc was readable in NEC ND-2500 and also readable in Sony DDU-1621 though f/w revision 3.5 which i have reports no DVD+R DL support!!! It took 30 seconds to recognise the disc but the drive read it. Also readable in an old Matsushita 6x DVD-ROM drive!!! :eek: The only failure was when i tested the disc with a very expensive DENON player at my friend’s house and a YAMAKAWA DVD/DivX player. That’s where bitsetting is needed.

SSJ4 Vegetto, thanks for the info on how to change bitsetting but can you please tell me which tab do i choose? NuTech,Ricoh,BenQ …?Thanks again!
As i have one more DL disc to play with and i really want to do bitsetting this time for further testing.

Scorpiosoft, i’ve never tried this one. DVD-Decrypter has no problems with layer change. What about CopytoDVD? Is it considered to be better and why?
Thank you for any info in advance!!!

Oh, i almost forgot…Unfortunately i don’t have a drive capable of reporting PI/PIF errors so i can’t post any Kprobe results. I am thinking of buying a Liteon DVD-ROM but in order to get proper results you need a PI/PIF error reporting capable DVD Writer instead of DVD Reader. I don’t know what to do.
Buy a Liteon reader or stay with my Sony DDU-1621? Any recommendations are welcome! Thanks!!! :wink:

The AOpen 1648 AAP might be an alternative. There are some fixes needed in order to judge about its “error-scanning” capabilities. Main advantage: The drives performs extremely well and is very cheap (ordered one for 19 Euros).

Always use the Ricoh tab for bitsetting with the NEC.

BTW, do you have a Playstation 2 or XBOX to test the movie out on?

If you do, can you post back results?

Did some tests using my friend’s Playstation 2 and Xbox. The 1st movie was “Chain Reaction” written on Ritek DL media at 2.4x speed, DVD+R DL booktype. None of the 2 could pass to layer 2. The picture becomes still and you have to jump to the previous chapter(layer A) and then to the next chapter(layer B).
Playstation 2 took about 15 sec for this transition. :confused: Xbox, took only a few seconds but there were some glitches at some parts of the layer B content. Also with Playstation but only 2 or 3 glitches. The second test was “Bad Company” written on Ritek DL media at 2.4x speed, DVD-ROM booktype. Everything OK on both Playstation 2 and Xbox, except of a recognition failure with Playstation 2. Ejected the disc and re-inserted it. Playstation 2 recognised it. Did a statistic test. 4/20 tries failed. The other 16 were succesful. A technician told me that the problem is the PS2 modchip on my test console. Probably the revision of the circuit/chip. I really don’t know yet as i’ll have to find other PS2s with different modchips to test.
However i am very satisfied with my ND-2500A which worked really well with DVD-Decrypter!!! Congratulations to NEC for their wonderful hardware design and assembly, and to all firmware “magicians” out there!!! When i have new results i will post them as soon as possible!!!

P.S.: I ran out of Ritek DL discs. I was able to get 2 of them at a total cost of 25 EUROS. Only for testing purposes. I will not buy any if their price doesn’t drop below 3 EUROS/disc. Because we only pay for the R&D and it’s not fair!!! :a :a :a

Thanks for the tests Ardov :slight_smile:

So the 2nd layer worked fine in PS2 and XBOX with DVD-ROM booktype?

Were there any pause or freezing with the layer change and did the movie on the 2nd layer play fine?

Also what model is your PS2? It should say SCPH followed by 5 numbers on the black sticker at the back of your PS2.

is it possible for u to test the first (booktype dvd+r) and the second (booktype dvd-rom) disk on standalone dvd players? as this would be a better way to test compatibility. the modded ps2s are a bit fussy, so any problems u get may not actually be because of badly burnt disks, but because of the fussy ps2.

thanx for your tests.

Why ? :eek: DVD-ROM booktype is definitively needed for DVD+R DL (Video usage). Not doing that is a waste of money…

You’ve got to (re)read verbatim DL discs tests done some months ago…

Sunama, please have a look at my previous posts in this thread to read about tests done on standalone players.
ItalianJob, at the time of testing my FIRST DL backup, i didn’t know how to do DL bitsetting, so i didn’t have other choice. But read the results on my previous post.
As for the layer change, everything went OK, when using the DVD-ROM booktype backup and the movie played back perfectly. But with the DVD+R DL booktype disc, there was a pause at the layer change and i couldn’t pass through the rest of the movie if i didn’t go to previous chapter and then to the next at the 2nd layer.
So, DVD-ROM booktype is really important, but it is nice to see that even the one with DVD+R DL booktype was playable at my home theater equipment. The Pioneer DVD player, plays almost everything!!! Wonderful error correction. It’s the one i use with my high definition projector, connected through component.
I almost forgot, the DM-TECH DM-511 standalone, during the playback of the DVD-ROM booktype DL disc, had some problems at 2nd layer, 2 or 3 pauses with blocky artifacts on the picture. I cleaned the laser lens using a cleaning disc WITHOUT liquid, only with the little brush on it. Then i only had 1 pause. I don’t know if this is because of a defect on the disc’s surface or because of dirt on the laser lens. I will have to find time to do more testing with these god damn DL discs. :confused:
And guys, next week, the new shipment of RITEK DL discs will arrive in Greece and they will sell at 11 EUROS/disc compared to 18 EUROS / disc for Verbatim. I hope that the price will drop below 3 EUROS until January 2005. :smiley:
I spent 40 EUROS for 3 Ritek DL discs. The 2 are the ones i did the tests. The other one was a coaster because i accidentally ran a cpu power consuming application and a buffer underrun occured. :a :a :a
When i find some money and when the new Ritek media is available again (there is not even one sample to buy right now) next week i will do some more testing. Please be patient, as i have many other things to do simultaneously because i have exams at my University. I will do everything to post other results as soon as possible.

Buy them en England here :

And buy Verbatim ones, they are much better than Ritek…

Just for your information… my first Verbatim DL 2.4x test on a NEC 2510 :