NEC2500A original region code and anydvd

Hi all, what is the original region code for NEC 2500A? Is it set at region code 1 or is it unset? I bought the drive from Newegg. I am currently using it in an usb/firewire external enclosure (prolific chipset, also bought from newegg, the rainbow storage one.)

The reason for my question is, I think that originally my NEC burner’s region code was unset (but I am not 100% sure.) But it was set to region code 1 right after I watch a dvd. The problem is I had anydvd on before I insert the movide dvd but the region code does not return to unset. Can anyone verify if anydvd doesn’t work on dvd burner on external enclosure? Or can anyone tell me what is the original region code for this drive?

In my cdrw/dvd combo drive, anydvd works perfectly. It’s region code is unset, but is set to region code 1 when playing dvd movie when anydvd is on, and it goes back to unset region code when the dvd is ejected and anydvd is turned off.


The drive comes with no region set.
You should either get prompted to enter a region when playing the first DVD or it will auto detect the region and select that as default.

Hi guys, how can I make the 2500A multi region?

By reading the NEC FAQ.

Hi but where would that be?

It’s one of the sticky posts in the main NEC DVD forum page, labeled as [B]READ FIRST[/B].