Nec2500a fw1.07 & lite-on 165H & Nero CD-DVD Speed

I recently tried Herrie’s Nec 2500a 1.07 v2 beta4 firmware. My discs (Arita G04) burn ok@4 speed with Nero 6.3, but I can’t test them with Nero CD-DVD speed with my Lite-on 165H DVD-rom reader. I get the following error:

CIRC Unrecovered Error (031106)

After flashing to Nec’s original 1.07 firmware, I get the same error.
When I flash to Nec’s original 1.06, Nero CD-DVD speed won’t give the above error when I with my Lite-on DVD-rom reader with newly burned DVDs.

I have 2 identical PC’s. Both have a NEC 2500a and Lite-on 165H.
Both Lite-on drives give the same error when testing with Nero CD-DVD Speed. The one Nec 2500a still with it’s original fw (v1.06) has never produced DVDs that resulted in the above error, using the same media.

DVD with the above error often can be tested with Nero CD-DVD Speed, but the curve is very erratic. Furthermore the DVDs all play in my standalone DVD-player.

Can some please tell what’s going one?

  1. Have I somehow encountered some bad media in a spindel Arita G04?
  2. Is the Lite-on to sensitive (I have the latest CH12 firmware)?
  3. Do the latest Nec2500a firmware 1.07 (included Herrie’s one) just not like
    Ritek/Arita G04 discs?

Perhaps a greater GOD has more insights than I do…

  1. Ritek media has been going downhill lately…
  2. The 165 is a pickier reader than other LiteOn DVD-ROMs.
  3. Many people have been having problems with Ritek media lately, not just NEC owners.