NEC2500A & Bitsetting



Hi All, Have never used DVD+Rs, always been happy with the DVD-R…But when I use to open DvdInfo pro and click on “Set Book Type” it would open for me to set…In other words it was there for me to do if i needed to…
The other day when i clicked on “Set Book Type” i got this–“It seems your Drive don’t support Bit-Setting”…
NEC2500A --extra info-HV2B4 42DW98S21—Firmware Revision-1.07 (Herries update)…Has the Bit-Setting been taken out of this Firmware!!?


[B]Does one have to buy n use a 3500 these days in order to get a reply…


Would I be better off with a different Firmware now that the Ritek Go 4s are not being sold. If so, which un!!?
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Plenty of FWs with DVD+R booktype… Next time, repost with “BUMP” in the body. You’re lucky I’m in a good mood today.


Since you have the 2500, you might as well try the Mad Dog 2.F9 release. It supports bitsetting on DVD+R and DVD+R DL.

The DVD+RW bitsetting is another animal. It will probably only work with never-been-used DVD+RW media. Not sure if the 35x0 workaround works with the 25x0 though. Check the BIG NEC FAQ for the workaround.


I did Reply to this 5 days ago but it’snot here…vanished.
So I will Repeat n say THANK YOU for Helping…