NEC2500A and Verbatim 16x not working



I have a NEC2500A upgraded with Herrie’s 1.07V2 beta5 firmware. Earlier this week I purchased some Verbatim 16x DVD+R. They will only burn at 4x in Nero, and movies are bad, so I suppose the discs aren’t burned properly. Could it be, that the firmware doesn’t know this disc, and therefore chooses a “bad” burnstrategy?

DVDInfo shows:

                        Media Information                            

Region information N/A not a DVD-VIDEO
Media code/Manufacturer ID MCC 004
Media Product Revision Number 00h
Format Capacity Blank Disc
Free Blocks 405405696
Free Capacity 4.38GB(4.70GB)
Book Type DVD+R
Media Type DVD+R
Manufacturer Rated Speed 16.0x 22160KBp
Available Write Descriptor CLV 4.0x 5540KBps
Available Write Descriptor CLV 2.4x 3324KBps
Linear Density Blank Disc
Track Density Unknown
Number of Layers 1

                       Complete Media Code                           

00000000 01 02 00 00 A1 0F 02 00 00 03 00 00 00 26 05 3F …&.?
00000010 00 00 00 00 00 00 07 4D 43 43 00 00 00 00 00 30 …MCC…0
00000020 30 34 00 38 23 54 37 12 02 54 6C 02 92 5F 15 15 04.8#T7…Tl…_…
00000030 0B 0B 08 08 01 19 1B 0C 0C 0C 0D 01 00 00 00 00 …

Is there a firmwareversion that matches these discs better? Or is it perhaps possible that it could be included in one of the excisting firmwares?

A link to the Verbatim discs:


Maybe Try maddog 2F9 fw (that will flash your drive to nec 2510) or last fw from herrie (2.18 V3-2).
If you want to burn 16x media, the best would be to burn them with a 16x burner. It’s written on the box ^^


download herrie firmware from
2xx0v3-2.rar NEC ND-25x0A 2.18 v3 Final Test 2, supports +R(W) and +R DL bitsetting and DL burning for both 2500 & 2510!

Based on 1.08 Nec firmware it contains 8x write strat for your MCC004 disc. Please post transfer test / quality scans of your burns if possible :slight_smile:


I just downloaded and will soon get to update with this one:

Sounds good :slight_smile: How do I best make some transfer test / quality scan?


Have now updated with FW 2F9. Burned the first Verbatim 16x MCC004 at 8x, and everything is fine. Thx for your help guys :smiley:

Now I only need to know how to make a proper test/scan?


AFAIK the NEC2500A starts burning at 4x speed, switches to 6x and then 8x, but does anybody know at which points the switching takes place with this FW? Just curious to know :wink:


You can use Nero CD-DVD Speed 3.80 for that. Can be dowloaded on the page But you need a drive that can do that for you.


If you dont’ have a drive that supports any of the quality test programs, then you should enable the ‘verification step’ in nero.


I have Nero, which I also used for the burn. I did a test with both my drives, ASUS DVD-E616P2 and NEC2500A.

Nero CD Speed Test results

General Information
Operating System Windows XP
Drive ASUS DVD-E616P2
Firmware Version 1.03
Serial Number 0001
Capacity 4.36 GB

Transfer Rate
Start 4.04x
End 9.74x
Average 7.29x
Type CAV

Seek Times
Random 87 ms
1/3 100 ms
Full 235 ms

CPU Usage
1X 6 %
2X 14 %
4X 25 %
8X n/a

Burst Rate 27320 KB/sec

Spin Up/Down Times
Spin Up Time 1.04 sec
Spin Down Time 0.20 sec

Load/Eject Times
Load Time 9.60 sec
Eject Time 3.70 sec
Recognition Time 0.01 sec

Time Elapsed Action
[22:17:48] Starter test af overførselshastighed
[22:25:58] Hastighed:4-10 X CAV (7.29 X gennemsnitlig)
[22:25:58] Medgået tid: 8:10
[22:25:58] Starter test af søgetider
[22:26:07] Random Søge: 87 ms
[22:26:17] 1/3 Søge: 100 ms
[22:26:40] Full Søge: 235 ms
[22:26:40] Medgået tid: 0:43
[22:26:40] Starter test af CPU-brug
[22:26:56] CPU anvendelse ved 1X: 6 %
[22:27:11] CPU anvendelse ved 2X: 14 %
[22:27:27] CPU anvendelse ved 4X: 25 %
[22:27:47] CPU anvendelse ved 8X: n/a
[22:27:47] Medgået tid: 1:07
[22:27:47] Starter Burst Rate test
[22:27:49] Interface burst rate: 27 MB/sec (27320 KB/sec)
[22:27:49] Medgået tid: 0:02
[22:27:49] Starter test af Spin-Up/Down
[22:27:50] Spin-up tid: 1.04 seconds
[22:28:01] Spin-down tid: 0.20 seconds
[22:28:01] Medgået tid: 0:11
[22:28:01] Starter test af Indlæse/Udskubbe
[22:28:04] Udskubningstid: 3.70 seconds
[22:28:14] Indlæsetid: 9.60 seconds
[22:28:14] Genkendelsestid: 0.01 seconds
[22:28:14] Medgået tid: 0:13


How do I apply the *.png image?




Sorry for not knowing so much about these things :o
I don’t have access to a server where I can upload these images, so I guess it’s a no go then?

Which test(s) in Nero CD-DVD Speed 3.80 am I supposed to run?


I did a Disc Quality Test, getting these figures:

General Information
Drive: ASUS DVD-E616P2
Firmware: 1.03
Disc: DVD-ROM (MCC 004)
Selected speed: Maximum
PI errors
Maximum: 2195
Average: 793.27
Total: 1768995
PI failures (shouldn’t it be PO errors?)
Maximum: 1559
Average: 12.04
Total: 26842
PO failures: n/a
Jitter: n/a
Scanning statistics
Elapsed time: 8:22
Number of samples: 2230
Average scanning interval: 64.00 ECC
Glitches removed: 0

So, what is the verdict on these figures? :slight_smile: A Nero CD-DVD Speed test shows an absolutely smoothe curve in both the Asus DVD-E616P2 (1.03) and the NEC2500A (2F9).


You can attatch images when you choose ‘post reply’ go to ‘manage attatchments’. I wouldn’t get much usefull info from an Asus qscan, but i’m very interested to see the transfer rate test in your dvd-rom though.

The reason i’m so interested is that burnt a tdk 16x +r in my NEC 2510 which turned out very well :slight_smile:


Arh, there it was, thx. Is this what you want, made with the Asus DVD-E616P2 (1.03)?


The error rate is very high, but if the transfer test is good, then your player should be alright. You might want to burn this media at 4x.


The transfer test is shown above your post :slight_smile: What would a more normal error rate look like?

Perhaps I’ll do that. Though the media is Verbatim 16x DVD+R MCC004, it might be that my NEC2500A is not that good at higher burnrate than 4x? Right now using FW 2F9, maybe I’ll give it a shot with Herrie’s


average PIF’s should be less than 1% ( less than 0.1% is good). PIE’s are not that significant.


How do I get to determine the figures in %?


Keep burning at 8x.

A scan from a dvd-rom is very unreliable. Only scans from a dvd burner is useful.

Do a transfer rate test. If the test runs without any drops, you have a good burn.

The best test is to watch the burned movie , with at a standalone player. If the movie plays fine, you have a good burn at 8x.