NEC2500a and possible modded firmware problem

I recently used L&Gs modded firmware to be able to bit set my DVD+Rs to DVD-ROMs. I have hit a little problem I am hoping you might be able to help me with. When I try to burn a DVD video to a DVD+ I get the error messgae that the burn has failed because the data can not be read or accessed, but when I burn the same file with a DVD- I have no problems at all. This does not happen when I burning a data back up DVD

This happens when I use either of my burning programmes Nero or TMPGEnc DVD Author. Could this be a firmware, software, or hardware problem? If you need more info just ask.

What exactly have you done when receiving this error?
What is the source, what is the target drive and media?

Nero is crap for burning DVD VIDEO at least.

We don’t actually do a modified “bitsetting” firmware for the 2500 drive. :slight_smile:

Sorry Dee, my bad it was one from another site, I was reading your big FAQ on the site when I linked to Herries plus yours being one of the most well known the name just stuck in my head.

To correct my mistake it was the v 1.08v3 from herries based on Maddog 8XDVDRW-PM 2.F8.

chef I set it up to recored the relevant folders audio and vidoe ts, then choose burn and leave it to do its’ thing. Source is hard drive target is my NEC 2500a, media is mixed I tried different ones, Verbs, Tesco (CMC) plus a couple of others. As I said it is not just happening with Nero it is happening with TMPGEnc DVD author.

I’ve used TMPGEnc Author a lot, but never used it’s burning task/enigne.

For this I prefer either DVDDecrypter/ImgBurn or ImgToolBurn. :wink:

chef I have never had a problem with TMPGEncs’ burning engine and when I try to burn the same files to a DVD-R it works perfectly, same when I burn to a DVD+R but the problem arrises when I try to burn the +s with booktype DVD-ROM. I am thinking that even though the option is there bit setting doesn’t seem to work too well for me, maybe it is my set up or my understanding of how it works as this is new territory to me.

Then you should avoid to use +R and Bs with this enigne.

There are better options as I wrote before. :wink:

Sorry about delay but I was unable to try the other options as everytime I tried something that maybe even slight processor intesive the system crashed, although the drives were fine and now I have to wait a year before I can install them. I have had to get a new PC which came with a Philips DVDR1628 so now I have to find out about bit setting on that.

Thanks anyway for the suggested software I will try it at a later date.

PS: Can this writer be used in an external enclosure with good results?

1.08v3 sucked in my experience. 107v2b4 or 5 are the best firmwares for this drive

Depends on the enclosure and it’s chipset.
I would prefer Firewire, but most of them have usb2. :frowning:

It would have to have been USB2 as no firewire on my PC. Is there a model or chipset you recommend chef? My local PC shop is good that way if all you have is chopset then they can tell you the makes with it. Oh well if all else fails I will just have to use externals for hdds from old PC then and wait for warranty to run out and fit the NEC when the time comes.

Have a visit into this thread:


28 pages to read through argh!!! Thanks chef I will read them later when I hae given my eyes a rest.