Cant get new nec 2500A to start burn?
Using 2 dvds one to read and one to burn. Read is fine, starts to burn to second dvd rw and never happens. 2 dvd rws ae 1. nec 2500A and 2. HLDS 4040.

This is new 8x burner, and i see that dvdxcopy has compaitbility issues with nec hardware/chipsets.

i have used this 2 drive setup many times with sony,hp, etc…was trying to read fast abd burn fast. tried many media types.

Can start read on the nec2500a (slow reader) and burn to second drive no problem…its just we want it the other way around. the hlds can read in 12-15 min per layer, and the nec2500a has capability to write fast.

no real new firmware for this ‘new’ drive.

If i leave dvdxcopy 1.4.1 running and just wait it never starts???

wierd, tried diabling tsrs. etc…any ideas?

also tried new bussmaster drivers, both nvidia (nforce2 and win xp). and switched cables and master slave stuff.

seems like dvdxcopy and this new nec are not talking…

the nec works with several other burn programs.



dvd x copy is complete pants
the paffin-couthard (is that spelt right) drivers it uses
can completely destroy your system.

dvd decrypter, dvd2one, sonic recordnow DX

is they way most peeps do it…no one wants the daft xcopy
screen on the front of their movies anyway.


I agree with Sarah, use DVDDecyrptor and then DVDShrink.

I have a NEC 2500a myself and I could not get DVDXCopy to work on my machine either. During the ripping phase the software would crash my system four seconds into the process.

Also, I would advise against doing a read and burn at the same time, especially if the two drives are on the same IDE channel.




DVDXcopy works very well for me.

I am not rippingand burning at the same time.

With DvdXCopy you et the same audio and video of the original not like many others that shrink and compress to fit on one dvd.

Backups should be high quality, high qulaity to me is an exact copy even if its 2 discs.

The issue her may be both this dvd burner, and media, NOT devxcopy, me thinks.


I have been using dvdxcopy on 2 other drives (both dvd burners) and the ability of ripping with one and when thats done the burn start on the second dvd burner a few seconds after the rip ends. You dont have to be around to feed in another dvd.

Its worked well for months for me.

When the new NEC 2500A was added for its faster burn times, I foound that after the rip ends the NEC would not start up automatically like three other burners do reliably.

IT just sits there incactive forever. Eventually the systems will hang and have to be cold booted.

NOW if I dont use RITEK or Princo DVD-r and use a HP DVD+RW it works!!!

I can burn low quality -R media via Nero and Roxio and dvdinfopro etc…

Its just that with the NEC it will not burn to the cheap stuff i have been using formonths now.

THe rub here is NOT DVDXCOPY but NEC…a cheap fast drive that needs expensive media to write fast!!!.



You can set up DVD shrink to not compress at all therefore the movie will be split up on two DVDs with no loss in quality. I believe DVD shrink may be better because I know a guy who uses DVDXCopy all the time and when the movie splits, it does it right in the middle of a chapter!! Unbelieveable. DVDShrink gives much more flexibility.

Also, I agree compressing the movie loses quality but I just compressed Terminator 3, 6.4gb to 4.7 gb and I cannot tell a difference in quality. That is the truth. I am viewing on a 53" HD big screen.


Thanks for the reply.

I tired to use dvddecrypter today for the first time and ii indeed did decrypt the files from a dvd to the hard disk.

I guess i will try dvddshrink and no compression and see how well it will work with the new nec 2500a.

IS it very difficult to master dvdshirnk?



have you used dvddecrypter? or is dvdshrink the better choice?

also what do yo yuuse to brun the dvds?

if you use no compression, how is thedvd swithc handled?



Dvdshrink it pretty straight forward, especially if you can use decryptor, The NEC 2500A, to put it plain and simple at least for me will not write very well to cheap media, I get more errors and problems from the cheaper media ie, optodisk, I will get more bad burns with it than anything. When it comes to dvd media you really do get what you pay for. Oh yea and dvd xcopy xpress is my main burn software for dvd’s


DVDFab r0x the spot for 1 to 1 backups. It decrypts and creates an image file ready to burn. OK so it doesn’t recompress but for plain copying and/or splitting it really does work well.



thanks for the reply.

are you saying this product will rip and burn?

will it allow for 100% original quality across 2 discs as most movies require?




DVDShrink will allow you to burn across two DVDs with no loss in quality. I use DVDDecyptor to extract the DVD to hard drive, then I use DVDShrink from there. I guess there is a way to use DVDShrink to extract and decrypt the DVD, but I read somewhere that it has some limitations so DVDDecryptor should be used instead.

I have not personally set up my program to span across two discs. I’d rather use one with some compression, but I know for a fact it is possible to do.

DVDShrink will allow you to toss out parts you dont want, like for instance the FRENCH 2 channel audio, subtitles and extras. You can also set it up so when the disc swap occurs, it will do it at the end of the chapter and not in the middle of an action sequence.


DVDFab allows you to rip directly from the DVD to a image on your hard disk ready to burn to DVD recordable. You do not need to use decryption software first. It decrypts as it does it’s thing. It allows you to rip movie only onto 1 or 2 discs losslessly or you can rip everything across 2 discs including extras lossleslly. It’s quicker and easier than the DVDShrink method as you do not need to decrypt to hard disk first. It does that for you. The free version is available for download on along with the decryption dll you just copy it into the DVDFab folder and you are ready to go.


Funny thing…

I just used a nec 2100AD and tired using the eval copy of CloneDVD.

The rip and iso prep went fine but would NOT burn to Ritek DVD-r.

Replaces with Ritek DVD+R and its worked ok!!

I’ll bet if itry DVD+R with the 2500a it will work fine!!!


There is something NOT right with these NEC’s een thoug I like the price and speed…need NEC to fix.

Thanks for al the great repsonses for other solutions other than dvdxcopy, i will try several and evaluate…



DO you think DVDFab is very much like CloneDVD?



I have DVD X-COPY PLATINUM, NEC ND2500A , HP 300c (stock DVD R+ burner) and I have burned TDK 4x R+ , RITEK RIDATA 4x +R , and MEMOREX 4x R+ with NOT ONE COASTER ON EITHER DRIVE WITH DVD X-COPY PLATINUM. Im not sure what system you have it on but mine works without flaw. I use DVD X-COPY PLATINUM to strip encription, compress and copy. Then Sonic RECORD NOW! to copy a copy if need be.

Intel P4 3.0 Ghz with HTT, NVIDIA GeForce FX5700, 160gb 7200 RPM Ultra DMA HDD, 1 Ghz PC3200 DDR SDRAM crucial memory, 7 in 1 card reader, HP300c DVD+R , CD/RW stock combo burner (NEC1100), NEC ND2500A DVD+|-R burner, Windows XP Home SP1, 321 Studios DVD X-COPY PLATINUM, Sonic RECORD NOW! :smiley: :bigsmile: :smiley: :bigsmile: :smiley:


DVD Fab is great. The only thing it lacks is the ability to burn. DVD Shrink now has a built in decryptor AFAIK. Also burns and you can turn off compression for 1 to 1 backups. But it’s not as easy to use as DVD Fab when it comes to auto splitting. You can set DVD Shrink to no compression however and burn 1 disc using re-author mode to burn the movie only (If it will fit) and put the extras on another disc again with no compression and set the movie to a single still image in order to retain all the menu structure etc. But if the movie is bigger than 1 disc it’s awkward.


I have DVDXCopy Platinum and could never get it to work beyond the basic DVDXCopy Express level of functionality with my NEC2500A. In my view its a waste of money. You are much better off using DVD Decrypter and some combination of DVDShrink/Nero or DVDFab/ImgTool.


This is new 8x burner, and i see that dvdxcopy has compaitbility issues with nec hardware/chipsets.

I had no such issue. My NEC 2500A worked fine with DVD X Copy Platinum 3.1.

Then I found out how much DVD X Copy blows chunks when compared to DVDShrink or DVD Decrypter (which are both free, btw), and uninstalled DVD X Copy entirely.

Friends don’t let friends use DVD X Copy.