Nec2500a 8Xmedia still burning @4X need 1.07?

Hi, I just bought new media for my nec 2500a, the media is RIDATA DVD+R 8X. My 2500a is burning this media at the same speed as my FUJIFILM DVD+R 4X media, I read in one if the reviews on the website that I purchased the RIDATA media from that I would need to do a firmware flash to version 1.07…I currently have 1.06 thats what windows puts in for you, now the hard part, I haven’t the first clue how to flash anything I googled 2500a firmware v1.07 and think I have the right thing but I’m not sure…If someone has a link to the right firmware and some instructions to help me out that would be awesome…Thanks, Mike

The graph on top is at 4X the one on bottom is @ 8X and is slower!! ther 4X media :frowning:

Try the above link (download) you simply flash the drive within Windows, i.e. run the executable file after extracting it from the ZIP file and follow the instructions, which will be click on Update or something like that…

OK, I’ve flashed to the new firmware, that was one of the easiest things I’ve done!! It still don’t burn at 8X? I wonder if its the burning software,DVD-X copy? Does anyone els have this problem or is it just me? :confused:

Had the same problem. had mine updated to 1.07 and still burns 4x on Ritek. Get the Prodisc DVD+R . It burns at 8x