NEC2500a 1.06 - burning issues



I have just bought the nec 2500a and I am having the following problem
In every disc I write (I have used DVD-r disks -> 4x Samsung,4x Benq,2x Mirror) the burning side seems messed up.I mean that it is not the same colour everywhere.Somewhere in the middle stripes begin to appear and then a thick lifgt coloured stripe exists.Some disks seem to play.Other dont.I use Nero and I have not modified my firmware.
Any clues?(I use 2x speed)

Sorry for my poor English!!


There should definitely be no striping or changing in color on discs burnt at 2X :sad:

Please post the MID code for the discs you are using.


Well I used That’s Tayo Yuden 4x in 2x speed and the burning surface is OK!
I guess NEC 2500a is extremely picky concerning the media used
(using the NEC 1.06 firmware samsung 4x,benq4x,Ice Princo 4x,Mirror 2x do not work well)


The NEC is not extremely picky and should write very well on most media.
Faint stripes or shade-rings are normal and can be seen on disc regions where the drive has burned at different speeds.
For example, if you’re burning a disc and select 8X write speed:
It will start burning at 4X which will be one color,
then burn at 6X which will be a slightly different shade,
and then finish at 8X, which will be yet again a slightly different shade.
So if you burn the whole disc at 2X, of course you won’t see any color differences throughout the bottom of the disc :wink:

Burn one of your Taiyo Yuden discs at 8X.
It should turn out perfect and play in all your drives.