Nec2500 & Ritekg04


I’m using a NEC2500 burner with original firmware 1.07. I’m using ONLY RITEKG04 discs and atm only mini-dvd RITEKG04 for my gamecube. I’ve read that you need to get a disc with the lowest possible PO and PI errors to have a good working backup of GC game, but sometimes I have trouble with games and I get an error message on the GC. Know I read something about herriestock (firmware made to burn G04 with), but it is kinda old so the question was is this best thing I can get to get better results or do I have other options ??

An other option is to get a new burner, what would be a good one to burn RITEKG04 with a minimum of PI and PO errors ?

thx in advance

Have you tried other media? You could also try using more up to date official firmware before trying to use modified firmware. If you mess up the flashing process there is the chance you could wave bye-bye to your writer.

I could try that first, I’ll do that tomorrow but I saw that it only adds media support.

My original burner was a 2500 and had no problems with G04 discs. THough saying you are using G04 discs could mean anything as ony RiData and Traxdata are Ritek branded discs for A grade and Arita for their B grade. Any other brand could mean any quality being passed off as A grade.

Try different media just incase.

I’m using the A-grade media !! G04 work good with normal stuff like dvd-video never had any better media but Gamecube can’t handle PI errors.

Even media marked as “AAA-Grade” canbe crap.

RiDisc Extreme I tried them once and never again. They were graded “AAA”, I only tried them because their purples (G04) neve caused me any trouble.

Brood trying other media is a standard test here. If you get bad results using quality media TY, Verbs etc, then the problem is a burning issue and not media, if you get good results then the problem is media. It is just a way of making sure.

Gamecube actually only accepts RITEKG04 media, maybe a couple of others and I have 180 of those discs lying around so no new media for me atm :slight_smile: !! I flashed to 1.0A and now Soul Caliber 2 and Mario Party 7 which had DRE are fixed.
If I get more errors i’ll give herriestock a try.