NEC2500 fw1.07 can't write DVD-RW at 2x

Hi there!

Princo (yeah, sucks) DVD-RW 2x.
Ahead Nero says: Can write only at 1x instead of 2x.

Written data disappears in at most 2 days. WHILE if written by Pioneer 107d at 2x, seems to be flawless.

Any idea?


Princo RW’s are the worst media ever made! Get rid of them while you can and buy some DECENT RW’s!


why is it, that Pioneer seems to be able to write it at 2x and NEC does not?


I don’t know, but I do know 2x is way too much for them! Even at 1x they’re crap. What’s the use of allowing 2x writing on such crap media? NONE!