NEC2500 Firm Ware



I have been looking at some threads and see that some of you have been haveing problems with Flashing some Drives. I have a Nec 2500 and have read some were that it might be possible to flash it to a 2500A. I am not sure how to go about doing this but I would like to be able to burn DL,s. Or should i just invest in a new DL burner and if so I would like to stay with NEC it has been very good to me with no problems.Which Model should I go with for the best burns. I have a 2.6GZ, 120GB. Thanks for any advise and help!!! :bow:


Have a look here

AFAIK the 2500 is the same as the 2500A. Should flash to a 2510A / DL burner with ease.