NEC2500 / Bad Ritek burns

Sounds a little paranoid but the only reason I’m asking this is to rule out that paranoid suspicion…

People who have bad results with Ritek G04 are also using / having Nforce or VIA chipsets and the respective IDE drivers loaded?

If anybody is in the Intel world and nothing but the Intel world and has the same probs - I will delete this thread immediately after a quick hint. It’s just a weird feeling, no supporting facts yet. And- yes, my NEC1300A does worse than my Pio-105 on an all Intel PC. And - yes, I still think that it’s just a bad writing strategy by NEC for the Riteks that leads to these bad burning results for them. But I also want to rule out other possibilities because many people have really great results with them. I don’t believe in anything else (ASPI etc.).

Hrm… would definitely be good closure if this was the case, its driving me nuts at the moment. =/

I’m having problems burning to Ridata 4x L19 G04’s, and am using an nforce2 based board (Abit NF7-S), using nVidia’s IDE drivers (I doubt the latest release, I updated the drivers maybe a month or so ago). Running as Secondary Master sharing with a Lite-On CD-RW drive, if that makes any difference.

I’m also getting crappy burns using Ritek G04 media with a VIA chipset…

The burn completes ok & plays ok in my standalone dvd players…but cannot be read back successfully to the hard drive

It will burn the cheaper Princo media ok, but the read read on them is really crappy

i have the same problem, but my board isnt nforce, neither the chipset is via. its intel based.
Im going nuts over this, i buy good quality media and i get lots of errors in my burns…

Just to clarify, if you’re talking about PI/PO scans, chipsets and drivers cannot “create” PI/PO errors, they occur in the drive and are reported directly to KProbe.
That said, it is true that faulty cables or hardware can cause erronious results in Kprobe, but the disc would still be “good”.
The same faulty hardware might cause reading issues with the drive, like failed verify checks and copy operations.

But these problems would exist on all discs, not just discs of a certain brand. “Most” people don’t have problems with Ritek media in the 2500, for those who do, I would suspect that the combination of variations in media AND drive AND firmware are combining to create problems. And let’s not forget that in the case of PI/PO scans, there’s a second drive in the mix that may not like to read Ritek in the first place.

Ritek media has been causing problems for burners for a long time, the 2500A is not the first or only drive to have troubles with it.

no, i wasnt talking about kprobe scans, just bad burns.
well, i’ll just have to sell my ritek and try other media :frowning:

I have an Intel BX440 board, an old Asus CUBX. I started with a new system drive and clean WinXP install before I started with my new ND-2500A. I only use Sonic Recordnow DX and only burn -R.

I have inconsistent Nero CD-speed scans on the G04s, which I posted in the big thread. A few are ok, most are not great and some are really bad. Note, that all the discs verify, DVDInfoPro says they’re error free and they are readable. Most are data discs, but one was a movie and it played fine in my player.

I have at least 40 blanks left, but I’ve decided to stop using them in favor of my Taiyo Yuden’s, until a firmware or some other solution has been found to improve the situation. The Taiyo Yuden’s give much cleaner Transfer Rate curves, consistently every time.

I do all my DVDInfoPro and CD-Speed tests in my Lite-On LTD163 DVD-Rom, as opposed to the NEC.

Thanks everybody! I think we can close this thread. It seems to be just the writing strategy. Pacman has posted some KPROBE scans from the same batch of Riteks over there.

Even the overclocked 8x burns from a Pioneer DVR-107 turn out better than the regular 4x burns on a NEC2500A.
So - as sad as it is: Stay away from Riteks if you want avoid trouble when you own a NEC2500A. Unless NEC comes out with a fix for this issue.

I have always thought that to get an accurate scan of PI/PO errors that you have to scan them using a LiteON DVD±RW Drive, since they correctly report the errors. Maybe I’m wrong/mislead? PacMan used a JLMS 166S DVD-ROM drive. I have 2 scans from a burned DVD movie (4.38GB, RiTEK G04). Disc was burned using a NEC 2400A f/w 1.06, movie is playable in various DVD players and PS2. I would try to scan it with the 2500A, but my brother burned it with his burner, and I won’t get mine until wednesday;)

Here is a movie I scanned with a JLMS 166S DVD-ROM (same firmware, DSA1):

Here is the same movie scanned with a LiteON 451S@851S DVD±RW Drive (GS0C):

Thanks for the scans calaca!

Yapp, you can only take relative information from KPROBE scans. There are no absolute values and they also differ from drive to drive. But that’s what Pacman did. You can also only compare your burns from the Pioneer and the NEC using the same LiteOn/ JLMS drive. And to be fair - these are only relative numbers. That’s fact. Don’t take the absolute values from drive A and compare with the values from drive B.