NEC1300A won't recognise DVDs media, only CDs


I have this strange problem with NEC 1300A DVD writer. It was working fine until yestersday when I try to write some DVD. It dosn’t recognise any DVD, commercial DVD, DVD-r, DVD-RW, data DVD. But when I throw in CDs, it can read perfectly. My firmware was 1.0A. I had try to upgrade to 1.0C. The results is still the same.

My question is, does this dvd writer had a seperate laser for CD and DVD. Or if the len is dirty, is it possible to read CD and not DVD?

Anyone had any idea what this problem might be?

Your helps is greatly appreciated.


Thats what happen to my NEC1300A ok with CD but not able to reconize DVD.I read somewhere DVD writers have 1 laser for CD and 1 for DVD so its probably your problem.

Clean the drive/lense, or try the drive in another computer.

I have got the same exact problem as of today. CD or CD-r works just fine but no DVD of any kind will work. Could this be the result of an update to one of the system softwares? I tried removing the DVD and also the IDE controller to let windows reinstall it but that didnt work. I tried a system restore but no luck. My firmware is 1.0C and I have XP home, SP2, 2.53ghz, AVG antivirus. Im going to uninstall Intel App Accelerator and see what happens. If you have any luck nonono1 please post it here and ill do the same.

Sounds more like a dead DVD part, sorry.

Try restore to early date which I know should be working. No working.
Try cleaning len. No luck.
Try installed the lastest ASPI, still not working.
I had exhausted all avenues.
I think the DVD lens is really burned.

Uninstall of IAA no help. Cleaned lens no help. Put drive in my other pc and no luck. Saw ad in Staples sales paper for IO Magic 16x16x8 dual layer/dual format @ $19.94 after rebates, went and bought one and now I’m burning my movies @ 16x with a big grin. Lets face it…Why fight it when it can be upgraded for $20. They are still on sale but Saturday is the last day so give it a think nonono1. Peace! Out! :slight_smile: