Nec1300a wont read previously created working dvds

Hello All.
I have a weird problem with my nec 1300a drive. My drive has been working perfectly since purchased in December and I have successfully written 60 or so dvd’s with the drive. Mostly -R media but also +rw. After reinstalling the system I noticed that the drive will not read any disks written previously by the drive and several written on other drives that it could before (multiple brands).
I have tried in two pcs (one intel and one nforce 2 chipset) reinstalled with xp and 2000 and also in Dos. With and without the nforce drivers, Different firmwares hacked and official NEC
The odd thing is that it writes new blank dvds fine and reads origional dvd films without issue. Also cds are fine. Anyone have any ideas?:confused:

hello there. i seem to have the same problem as i have posted. hope someone helps us.

Is the firmware still the original?

well it’s mine is the original, and now cannot read any dvds even originals! it reads only cds. see my new thread.

Tried origional and hacked firmwares. Have actually given up and returned the drive to the shop for replacement. I am convinced it was a hardware issue possibly with the laser