NEC1300A scandisc problem

Hi all, I’m using a NEC1300A right now and was doing some tests on the drive. I burned several CDR discs mostly Mitsubishi Metal and Sonic azo based discs. I consistently got a red dot at the end of the disc when I did a surface scan with Nero DVD/CD speed. Was wondering if this is normal, or is there an issue with the drive?:confused:

i just scanned a disc myself (burned in my 52246S) to see if i’d have the same issue, and mine came back all green. does this happen if u scan discs that weren’t burned with the 1300A?

It should not do this. I did some tests on my 1300a back when I bought it (firmware 1.03 I guess) and it always gave me nice and clean results on various CDR media (I believe I used Mitsui and Fuji (Ritek) discs at that time)…

What firmware is running on your system? What chipset is on your mainboard?

This problem never occured before. Previously I was using a Yamah CRW-F1, and i do get errors on some parts of the disc, but never consistently got an unreadable sector at the end of the disc…:frowning:

I’m running an ABIT NF7-S(nForce2). The drive is using firmware 1.08. I upgraded it from 1.07. I also had this issue when I was using 1.07…:frowning: