NEC1300 burns - best way to check quality?


It seems nothing likes the NEC’s for checking write quality as the chipset does not allow error reporting with utils such as CDSpeed.

There are many graphs and tests done on Lite-ons, plextors using K-Probe and CDSpeed - I wonder if anyone has done burns onto TY or older Ritek in the 1300 that now have a new burner and so can check what the write quality (error’s) were like. Or is there a link on freaks showing how good NEC 1300 burns were?

Thanks - wish I could check burns properly for P0/P1.

As you’ve already learned, the NEC1300 won’t support the PI/PO tests. So if you insist upon doing that testing, the least expensive way is to purchase a LiteOn DVD-ROM and use it with CDSpeedv3.

But IMO, the PIPO tests have really limited value. The important information you need to know is whether the DVD is readable or not. My preference is to use the RPM test in DVDInfoPro ( ). It’s a read test similar to what exists in other software. As the data is read from the start of the disc towards the end, you should see a steadily climbing line. If it dips deeply at any point or if you encounter hard read errors, you have a bad burn. If you have a reasonable straight, climbing line, you have a burn that should be readable in most players. You can play with the PIPO tests all you want, but you’ll never get more useful information than you can get in a few minutes with this test alone.

The RPM test in DVDInfoPro is far from conclusive. I have here 200 (a little over 100 left) of the Longten001 media. This media writes very well at 4x in the Nec2500A, and at 2x in the Pioneer 106. DVDInfoPro RPM test produces a very nice looking graph, and zero errors. But these discs will NOT play back worth a flip in any of my 4 settop players. They are excellent for computer data backups, just not for movies.

The moral of this story is: If you are backing up movies, you HAVE to test the movies in your settop player(s).

Anything to do with booktype?

No, afraid not. Where the booktype is the problem, discs are not recognized and never begin playing. These Longten001 discs are always recognized and always begin playing. But inevitably they begin to “pause” and eventually will completely freeze-up. Sometimes late in the movie, other times as early as the first 5 minutes. This is in all four of my settop players. In my computer drives (Liteon LTD163, Pioneer 106, and Nec 2500A), they all work perfectly.