NEC XND 3520 writing problems




the xnd 3520 external device usb 2.0 hang up after the lead in… with nero burning rom ( and .17) and clone dvd (2.5 and 3.6).
this event appens at any speed only with dvd (sometime write successfully the dvd) .
in read mode it rip dvd video at 12 mb/s…
it runs on a sony vaio with amd athlon 1,5 ( i don’t remeber the model) and a pcmcia usb 2.0…

sorry for my bad english…



Welcome to the forum
If your using Nero then you should have Nero CD-DVD Speed, insert a media in the drive and click on the “disc info” tab. It should tell what type of media you have. If you can post the result here we might be able to help further. You could also try burning a disc with CD-Speed by using the “create data disc” function. The disc created will be of no use, but would let you know if the drive is able to complete a burn properly.

You will also see a “disc icon” on the menu bar at the top of CD-Speed, this will allow to save a image which you can attach here in the forum and we will be able to see what is happening more clearly.


i will try it…

tanks for reply