NEC worker steals $310m for food and drink

I just posted the article NEC worker steals $310m for food and drink.

cnlson used our news submit to tell us that NEC will be
restating its financial results. The reason for the reinstatement is due to a
worker that made some $310 million fake…

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must be nice to not notice that amount of money missing ? while people are able to starve in the world

So that’s why I’ve been waiting and waiting for that 4x NEC CD rewriter! :B

What a dummy! If he’d have stopped at the first $100M he’d be sunning himself by now.:d

Something is fishy here. I find it hard to believe that customers paid 300m for products that they never recieved. This kind of scam is possible for small amounts of money where the existence of the missing part can be arguable, but this amount of money? Someting is missing here…

Thats alot of food, he either has a massive family or he is the heaviest worker in the world.:slight_smile: Thats probably how NEC found out… When the worker ROLLED into work.:wink:

someone must have made tons of money through cooked books. it’s not really uncommon in japan, but we just started to notice because of internet + red hot japanese stock market (recovery in almost 15 years since the great burst in bubble in late 80s & early 90s) larger scale things like this happend in us many times around year 2000 when big companies bankrupted when they were reporting the recording breaking profits; go figure

Obviously the board split the dough amongst themselves and then found a scapegoat who had been slaving away day and night for the benefit of the company.

Greedy bastard I would have stopped at 50 million… NEC must have alot of cash though…

Stopping just after the first $100M? No way! Have you any idea how expensive a personal island can be? Man needed a place to eat and drink…:wink:

Awww, give the poor guy a break, it’s not like he downloaded anything off the internet for free.

if this’ve happened in the NEC USA branch, nothing should’ve happened to the “theif”… noone notices the money, and no one boycotts NEC for not sending them the “Stuff” they paid for… but he would suffer a $50 000 fee and a 24years in jail cus his 12years old son downloaded an mp3 128kbps/fast quality rip sample from the latest Britney “Whorse Show” from Bearshare (without noticing that it’s a P2P program in the first place)… poor Show…