NEC won't burn dual layer

I’m new here and just wanted some opinions on my problem. I just bought a nec-3550a burner with 1.05v firmware and 25 pack of ridata DVD+R DL. I tried burning a DL dvd and I got a read error when it got to the second layer. The software I’m using support DL burning and I tried it twice with different software both times having a read error at the start of the second layer. I’m thinking the burner isn’t recognizing the media which sucks because I have 23 more of them. Has anybody else had this problem with this media? I haven’t seen any firmware that may fix this or am I wrong? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Problem is the used DL media.

Maybe an patched Liggy&Dee firmware could help you…

Welcome to the forum. :slight_smile: Had same problem with Ritek and 3550 when I first started burning D/L disc. 1/4 of the discs were coasters, and the successful ones had plenty of errors around the layer break. Like chef said, the problem is with the media which is Ritek. Ritek is just the worst in DVD right now including S/L and D/L media. I’m about done transferring all my burned D/L discs to Verbatim MKM001. Verbatim is the best in D/L so when they go on sale, which is often these days, stock up on it.

Its the media … Ritek SUCKS !!!
I had the same problem. I tried to burn those discs using my:
Pioneer A09
NEC 3550
NEC 3520

None of the burns ever completed. Bought some Verbatim DL disc. All burn perfect and work great. Stick with the best media … Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden

Thanks for the help guys. I guess you get what you pay for. Now I’m going to have to try and sell these pieces of garbage.

I had the same problem with Memorex and recently Fuji dvd+r double layer, I always wondered if it was the drive or the media. Unfortunately Verbatim costs 3 times as much, in case of movies it’s cheaper to go to Walmart and buy a second copy. “Dual layer” sounds so cool, when in reality it’s so expensive almost nobody uses it. And now we’ll start to see hi-def dvds from Toshiba or somebody else, so I doubt dual layer will ever take off.

This is not true.

I can get here in Germany/Europe DL Verbs printable for under €3 per piece, and in the states it’s even lower…