NEC?When comes the org.2.17?

Whats up with NEC?
No new firm for the 2500,2510 and the 3500. :Z

The 2500 is a long time available on the market and cant burn ritek dvd-r8x(platinum) without a firmware hack with 8x speed.
Maddog and HP are releasing new firms for the OEM drives but what made NEC?

a very very fu…ing support!

Waiting for official (Ritek)DL updates too on my NEC 2510…

  • NEC “technical” answer is “you’ve got to buy Verbatim DL discs”.
  • MadDog answer is : we are working on it…
    But nothing comes… My first and last NEC maybe.

i wait for the px-716.without the rebaged sellers or firmware patcher you can throw the nec away.

… sorry konsolen, maybe you’d just a bad day, but it sounds like the words of a worthless spokesman,
. . what are your arguments … cause it didn’t burn these crappy Ritek, just try any good media
. . and you’ll get good results … everyone (at least as a cdfreak senior) should know that there
. . is a bad NecSupport, but what’s the problem … there are great guys outside, they did a real great work
. . for the drives … and hundreds of satisfied users, they all went wrong ???

… Go and smoke another one, maybe sun will shine tomorrow for you again :stuck_out_tongue:

Still no firmware on NEC’s site yet? I’d like to get support for RITEK R03 at 8x in the 3500 but only the 2500 with v1.31 HP f/w has it supported at 8x :frowning:

If you need Ritek R03 8x support now, flash your drive with the NEC / IODATA 2.27 firmware, or the TDK 2C8 firmware, or Liggy’s Beta 8 firmware. All of them are not official NEC firmware, of course.

packetloss, I just found this thread:

Must get my eyeballs cleaned :confused: