NEC warns again for ND-2500A double layer firmware updates

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our news submit to tell us that NEC Europe is warning users
for double layer firmware updates that are available on the internet. Recently
we reported …

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Perhaps just another case, just like BenQ of… “have not been tested before send out to ensure that the drive is not defect and has the optimal performance” Who knows… begining to lose the faith in Quality with these types of statements… My view… If it works… why not do it…While I’m sure there is some validity to critical alignments etc during production… you would think that given the amount of action a peice of hardware see’s over its life, that allowances for deviation in mechanical tolerances are made which would support taking the unit to the extreme and clock it up to a DL… Wait and see eh?:g

I installed a hacked firmware to burn 1x Media to 2x media for my Pioneer, I dunno if its the same to comparison as here, but I have had no issue w/ my drive.

I think this is a case of NEC seeing some of their profits slipping away if they reveal that the ND2500 can burn DL. We’ll know if their statements hold water as soon as some of us get our hands on some DL media. :B

Tried to do it but failed to work. It made the drive flashing all the time. Didn’t dare to burn anything so flashed it back then it’s all normal. NEC could be right!

It’s more than profit, though. DL R&D is extremely difficult and costly. They need to be able to recoup these costs…

no Nec is not right , you should put youre drive on Master and then the flashing of the LED is over.:slight_smile:

i think they don’t want to loose money…and they just make up this story. CDRINFO have testen with an to burn an dual layer disc with an upgraded nd2500 drive and it worked flawless. i don’t understand that if nec don’t like that people firmware hack theire drives why don’t they make an checksum in it like Ricoh and MItsumi does you can forget it if you want to upgrade these drive with different model that is not gonna work due to the checksum protection. NEC=LAZY and a bunch of liears:)

OK so it must be possible to flash my Sony DRU-510A to a DRU 700A DL. Let me know when a hacked firmware to enable this is released, as I don’t see the point in buying the 700A if my 510A can be modified :slight_smile: Greetz Intercept:S
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