Nec Vs Samsung



hey all,

I’m in between NEC 7173A and Samsung SH-S182M

the first one is labelflash and the other lightscribe but i’m not into that too much.
I just want a good quality dvd-burner.
Which one should i get?


Samsung SH-S182M burns without PIF spikes and likes all flavours of MCC 004.
NEC AD-7173A burns with PIF spikes. But I don’t know how well it burns.

If you want quality scanning, go for the Samsung (or get a LiteOn).


Welcome to CDF! Samsung all the way - I love my SH-S182D. :slight_smile:

Mind you, I don’t have experience of the NEC, it may well be as good. :wink:


I recently got a 182m , partly 'cos it was a good price & for it’s RAM writing ability.

So far it’s doing an OK job.

Like the other 2 posts I don’t have the NEC to compare it to but I don’t think it’ll disappoint.


Samsung 182M - less picky about media and more flexible.

The only good results I’ve had with the NEC were with MCC 004@18x. The Sammy has outperformed on everything else I’ve tried.


NEC is no longer making the best drives so they should be avoided.


The Samsung SH-182M has just been rated as a best buy by Computer Shopper in the UK.


Samsung SH-S182M is ways better than NEC 7173A


Samsung 7, NEC 0


What about the same question but for drives with SATA? Samsung still?



I have a few questions, how does the Samesung 182M rate as a burner in general? Where does it place on the “current best burner” list? What are it’s positives and negatives?

I just got a LG GSA H42L from Best Buy that right out of the box decided it didn’t want to burn DL, even though I was using quality verbatim media. So now I’m thinking about taking it in and exchanging it for a Samsung 182M