NEC vs. Lite-On

I can get the black version of the NEC ND-2510A for Cdn$130 and the black version of the Lite-On SOHW-832S for Cdn$160. Both are DL burners, both come with SW (which I don’t really need 'cause I already bought Nero); the NEC is an OEM (white box) while the Lite-On is the retail version.

Which one should I go for? (Again, please do not take the SW bundle into consideration.) I will mainly be doing backups of my huge DVD library.

I have an NEC ND-2500A (using Herrie’s patched firmware to allow writing to dual layer media and bitsetting).

I also have a Sony DW-U18A (using codeguy’s patched firmware to make it an SOHW-832S and allow writing to dual layer media).

I’ve had the Sony drive for less time, but thus far, I prefer the NEC drive.

The NEC drive has great write quality on all types of media, DVD+R and DVD-R. While I haven’t used the Sony drive to burn much (I got it to run Kprobe and Disc Quality check in CDSpeed), the times that I have burned with it, I was surprised at how much the buffer fluctuated and how when it did, the disc came out unreadable. Unlike my NEC drive where I can write at 8x and still do other things on my computer (like play in Photoshop), trying that with the Sony drive ended in coasters. And from reports I’ve read on this forum, LiteOn drives can be iffy with some DVD-R media.

I’ve burned one dual layer disc in the NEC drive and it came out great. No problems with the media or the burn. Haven’t tried it with the Sony drive yet.

I’ve been very happy with the NEC drive, and at the price its going for, I don’t think anyone would be disappointed.

That said, the LiteOn drive has some advantages: bitsetting in the official firmware (you need a hacked firmware for the NEC to do bitsetting), the ability to do Kprobe/Disc Quality scans (a feature most people will not need), and its in a retail package so warranty is easier to deal with, if needed.

Both drives have a talented community of users, and firmware patchers, behind them.

Knowing what I know, and being comfortable with using a patched firmware, if I had to buy a new drive right now, I would buy an NEC ND-2510A.

I’ve had a 2510 for a couple of days.

I cant tell you how well it burns because I cant run KProbe :frowning:

I’ve been trying all sorts of ways to check the quality of the burns I’m doing. Nero CDSpeed’s PI/PO tests gives me an “error initializing test” problem.

Is there any possible way I can check the quality of the burns?
I’m dying to know how well it’s writing to my TYG01s and if there are any issues etc so I can rest my mind that my recorder works decent.

Thanks 4 ur help :slight_smile:

The only way to check is to use a supported drive.

The NEC firmware(/hardware) does not provide the PI/PO information and therefore software like KProbe and CDSpeed can not work with it in that way.

You can run the speed tests and error tests with the NEC drive, which should give you a general idea of the quality. But unfortunately, unless NEC exposes that information (PI/PO errors/failures), there is no way to use an NEC drive to test disc quality.

That’s why I bought the Sony DW-U18A (OEM LiteOn SOHW-812S) drive. I was curious as to the quality of the burns done by my NEC drive. I got the Sony drive on eBay for $52. I’ll probably only use it for that purpose, but it was good to know that my NEC drive’s write quality is very good.

Now if I could only get back my dual layer disc I burned so I can test that one … all of my friends are running tests to see if it works in their set-top DVD players!

Thanks I just looked at the post on the NEC forum about the 1300A drive which is same issue as 2510A in terms of PI/PO.

This means I will not get a chance to check the quality of my burns for ages and ages. Don’t know anyone with the drives listed in the CDSpeed supported page. I know people with Pioneers but that’s about all. I’m not going to waste US$50 on a burner I’m not going to use. :a
Looks like I have to wait until someone I know has a supported burner.

Oh well, will just have to trust the darn thing :sad:

That said it’s been problem free so far. :wink:

So in response to Aqualung’s post given a chance again I would go the Lite-On just so I could check the PI/PO. But that’s just cos I’m fussy as heck and a perfectionist :bigsmile: