NEC Versa E300



Hi there,

I have an old NEC Versa E3100 laptop with CDRW/DVD drive (Phillips SCB5265) I’d like to replace the drive with a CDRW/DVDRW combo. Would anybody know what other brand/model drive I can install that would be compatible with that laptop? Thanks in advance.


This is an old computer, 1994…That’s real old in Computer Years! You can usually find computer components on eBay, but there are very few for this Laptop. I don’t even know if they made DVD RW Drives for this Laptop. I think it’s time to upgrade. :cool:


Its not that old alchav21 :smiley:

But [B]Versa_E3100[/B], its pretty old and comes with very little ram (128MB?). I don’t think you will be able to successfully burn a DVD with it. Also the internal HDD will be very slow. The optical drive in your laptop is IDE and is not popular anymore. You can get them on Ebay, search for “IDE laptop dvd drive”, then on the left side of the webpage select the option to view only ‘new’ condition items.

But if your buying this to burn a DVD, then I would suggest to save that money for a new laptop.


Hi, thanks for your replies. I made a typo with the thread heading - it should have been Versa E3100 and not E300.:iagree:
Versa E3100 is about 2005 vintage. It’s a bit slow, P4 1.5GB CPU, I think I have 512 Mb in it but it does the job. I wanted to install an internal burner drive for a portability sake but if I can’t I’ll just have to go to plan B.:sad: I can buy an external USB burner for about $30 but wanted to avoid it if I can. Cheers


If you want to speed it up you can put a modern HDD and some more ram. Getting ride of the single stick of ram and replacing it with a 2GB module would be good. I can’t find full info on the laptop so you would have to make sure you got the right stuff (IDE or SATA for the HDD), the right size module and speed for the ram, and the ODD you would have to find out if its IDE or sata. You can figure all that stuff out just by looking at them (compare to pictures on the web if you have to).

If you install a new HDD you would need the OS.