NEC, Verbatim, and Panasonic

I just purchased the NEC-3540A drive, along with some 16x Verbatim DVD+Rs. I applied the bitsetting firmware update to the drive. However, my problem has been trying to play the copied DVDs on my Panasonic S35 and my Panasonic F87 - it’s not working. I previously tried the Verbatim 8x DVD-Rs and they didn’t work, either. I figured that maybe Panasonic doesn’t particularly care for Verbatim, but a few discs that a co-worker burned for me are of the Verbatim brand. Granted, they’re a different type of Verbatim (the DigitalMovie type), but I’ve seen some research indicating that the particular Verbatims I’m using should work on the Panasonics. Also, they play just fine on my Sony NS575P and I know that Sony can be a little quirky sometimes. Could it be a problem with my burner? I’m using DVD-Cloner II, the same program the co-worker uses. Or, could it just be that the combination of the burner and the blank media don’t mesh with Panasonic? Obviously this is a bit of an issue, as I don’t want to continue spending money on discs that won’t work in my primary DVD player (F87). Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Not much info about it at videohelp:

Says Verbatim DVD+R 8x are working with the DVD player, guess you just have to experiment with different media although Verbatim is known for quality.