NEC Unveils First HD-DVD HR-1100A Multireader for PC



NEC Unveils First HD-DVD HR-1100A Multireader for PC. Read all of it here and here (more info).


Only 500€ =P Then a writer will cost what 1500€ ? =)


Why release a HD-DVD reader while you can’t buy any HD-DVD discs or burn any HD-DVD discs??? :confused:


To prepare for the future. =)


Why buy something of €500 while you can buy a DVD-writer for €50 which does exactly the same and more!! :confused:

At the moment the HD-DVD discs (movies/games/HD-DVD (re-)writeables) will be available, readers like this will probably cost nothing more than €100.


I know but it has to start somewhere… I think anybody was aware that it will still take years until HD-DVD and Blu-Ray will become affordable.


Gonna have a sample machine of it in a short days :bigsmile: But…it will cost me about 25 EUROs for one EVEN IT IS NOT A DVD BURNER…:sad::sad::sad:


Ok, it’s a start and HD DVD and Blu-Ray titles are already available. :wink:


who can show the inner structure of the hd-dvd?
I have the hd dvd player hd-xa1, and i disassembled it.
i have not seen the IC of D63400GM in other optical solution of NEC,
What is it does to use?


Do you have some pictures of the inside of this player that you could show us?