NEC unveils 16x DVD writer with support for DVD+R DL

I just posted the article NEC unveils 16x DVD writer with support for DVD+R DL.

NEC announced a
chipset with support for 16x DVD write speed and now some information about
NEC’s first DVD writer based on this chipset has showed up in FCC’s
database. The…

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2mb cache is a little tiny for the increasing write speeds.

READ DVD±R/RW 16x (CAV) :slight_smile: then it will beat Toshiba or Liteon?.. I doubt very much considering 2500 is not a top DVD-reader… Regarding writing, we’ll wait and see if this year brings us some 16x media at decent price. Otherwise the specs are useless.

Personally I’d say 16x writing is now less of a priority, where the manufacturers need to really be ploughing ahead is with getting DL writing faster… But no the NEC probably won’t be as good a reader as the Lite-ONs, the best way to judge reading ability I think is to see how well the drive recovers iffy DVDs. The best I’ve got is my Lite-ON 851S, which is better than all my other recorders and readers, which consist of an NEC 2510A, 2500A, Lite-ON 832s and 4 x Lite-ON 166 DVD-ROMs…