NEC to release super multi writers with DVD-RAM and Lightscribe support

I just posted the article NEC to release super multi writers with DVD-RAM and Lightscribe support.

Member of
our forums Scorpiosoft has posted a, what it looks like, leaked roadmap for
upcoming NEC drives. The roadmap shows the features of the 3520 and the 3540 but

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16x DVD-RAM by 3rd QTR of 2005?!? This I gotta see!! MB

WOW! Doing all of this in a slim line!! I wonder what Plextor has to say about this. They too are probably developing their own LSS :P… please let it be in color version :d

16x DVD-RAM seems a bit strange, because it would be a giant leap from today’s Max. speeds. But even if its a mistake, its a nice thing and indicates that some news by the end of last year about SuperMulti drives and use of DVD-RAM format were in the right path. Just hope the media comes to the shops, as finding 5x DVD-RAM discs is a kind of “Impossible Mission”+

Yeah, news from Q4 2004 was that chipset makers would be adding features like DVD-RAM to be more competitive (at least short-term) since they are becoming increasingly commoditized. While second and third-tier drive makers may not be the best choice, at least a larger base should spur the quicker release of faster media. But as far as widespread media availability, that still depends upon whether more home PC users (particularly in North America) will actually appreciate the benefit of DVD-RAM and demand it. For the moment it is mostly used iby professionals (probably more with Macs) and in Japan, and in video recorders (which don’t require anything faster).

“16x DVD-RAM by 3rd QTR of 2005?!?” this is a feature to see. Omg 16 instead of 5 ,impulse to warp speed jump. Shall see…