NEC starts shipping samples of new LSI for DVD Writers

I just posted the article NEC starts shipping samples of new LSI for DVD Writers.

 koba used our news submit to tell us "Well, nice to know that there will soon be more  options besides the Plextor for 18x burning. Specs are as said, 18x DVD-/+R and  16x DVD-RAM and accoding...
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what about nec drives itself? does nec doesn’t produce anymore drive itself?

NEC and Sony started a JV called Sony Nec Optiarc. This new company will design/produce the new drives for Sony and NEC.

+/-R at 18x is something new, but 16x RAM was already announced for the drives NEC has now in the market, but it never materialize and 4550/4451 came out with only 5x RAM. As a matter of fact there were no such fast discs for sale, and now only 15x are out. Will NEC allow these drives to read them? It could be important as “old” drives will not read “fast” discs - 5x - and the new ones say 6 to 12x speed.

Sorry for mistyping, present MAX disc speed is 12x not 15x.

sounds good, 48x eventually for cd-r. there will now be some perfect drives, they will do everything except blue-ray and hd-dvd. hope nec make a lightscribe version, i would buy one.

Wow! Going from 16x to 18x is really “exciting”! I’m about to wet myself with all the excitement.

I guess what excites me is the lower price we can expect from manufacturers other than Plextor. In addition, (and I know I sound like a broken record) this DVD-RAM rocks! The focus on increased speed for this type media is nice. What tremendous advances we have seen lately in this area.
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NEC supports LabelFlash not the competitor Lightscribe.

I can’t wait for my 1st 18x NEC… Plextor 18x is not that great…