Nec slimlines

Looking to add a dvd writer to my laptop. I found you cannot got to NEC web site and compare the various drives (they only show 6500 for USA). Does anyone know of a way to compare their various drives? I see Newegg has a 6750 on sale for $69.00, byt its not listed on the NEC website.

Maybe you better check out this site (NEC germany).


Thank you, does that mean the others aren’t available here?

Ok, I give. what’s the difference between 6650 and 6750?

6650 and 6750 have different hardware.

Thanks, same specs and features then, but with the different hardware, which one do you prefer? Thanks again

I can’t believe no one has a preference between the two of these!?!?!

I don’t have the 6650 and i don’t know how the drive really is, but i’ve the 6750 and i really like it.

Thanks Rapid Fire, I appreciate the feedback.

Does anyone know how I can determine the difference in the hardware between 6650 and 6750 and which one is preferrable? Thanks,

I got both 6650 and 6750. I do not see much difference. 6650 is more related to 3450 and 6750/7550 is more related to 3550/4550. As you can see, 3550 does not always produce a better burn than 3450.

Thanks CChang