NEC sites not supporting ND2510a

Title says it all really, ive been the owner of a 2510 for about 2 hours now. I returned my MSI DR8a to my local retailer once I found out I could get a dual layer drive for not much more money.

Having searched the net for a while I find there is very little information available about the drive. Noticably all the official NEC sites make no mention of this drive, so i’m unable to find out if i have the most upto date firmware.

If anyone knows where to find this information I would be interested.

Fantastic forum, lots of good info here, sure i’ll be a regular poster, thanks.

What’s your current firmware version? 2.15?

The 2510/2500 drives are essentially OEM drives, and hence the official sites will have very little mention of them. Eventually they will post a firmware update, and that’s about all you will see on the official sites.

Yes. Reason I was looking to check is that I seem to be experiancing problems with this drive, being fussy about media, causing problems with PowerDVD and DVD Shrink.