NEC says DVD+R SL bitsetting will never come officially



here’s the email with my personal info omitted

“”""""""It is not a currently supported feature.

We do not currently have a plan to make this option available.

Thank You
NEC Solutions America

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Comments: i bought a nec 3520 i was disapointed that even the latest
official firmware doesn’t support booktype bitsetting (3.04) for SL dvd+r.
will there be an official release with it included?""""""


It does not say never only currently which means too different things to me…


true but too late to edit lol


/me is glad we have Liggy & Dee for the unofficial bitsetting firmwares then :wink:


Why would you ever think they would implement bitsetting when they never have? Unless your DVD players is ancient or own a player from a manufacture that blocks the +R format in favour of a format they prefer then you don’t need it anyway.


I still use it but when I have run into a friend’s player that had a problem with +R it also had a problem with a bitset +R. At least from my perspective, it is a useless feature. You never know what might happen though.