NEC rw nd-1300a DRIVER corrupted PLEASE HELP!

Hello all. This is my last resort as i have found this place by accident but i am thankful. Out of the blue my Nec rw nd-1300a stopped working. When i go into the system properties, it says that the file is missing or corrupted (code 39).

Now, when i go to that magic box called google and type in my dvd burners name and drivers it only comes up with a firmware upgrade. I SEE NOTHING FOR DRIVERS! i dont understand. Even when i run this firmware upgrade it doesnt see my dvd drive so i cant even run that. All i need is drivers though.

Oh, and my luck, i never got the cd that came with the dvd drive so i cant even install it from a disc.

Can someone please help me. Thanks


By the way i run on a Windows XP Home edition. Thanks

There is no “driver” available or needed because it always comes with the OS.

hI! I have two different different stand alone dvd recorders which both are + dvd burners.I connect them to my satellite to record programs. in my computer i have a nec player drive for dvd and also the nd1300a and neither of them will recognize any of the recorded disks .i am at a loss as to why, any help will be certainly appreciated one burner is a medion and the other is an ilo that i use for recording my programs .

If you are getting a corrupted or missing file it has nothing to do with the drive, but with Windows XP. It’s a file that belongs to Windows XP that is corrupted. Maybe a reinstall is needed!

Need to set the book type to DVD-ROM.

hey magic9669 I joined just to give you this answer! :smiley:

I have the same drive and I screwed it up by doing one of two things.

Not 100% which was the culprit but I know how to fix it now regardless.
First I installed the new daemon tools 4.0 and it comes with spyware or ahem toolbar. :slight_smile: and it may say it is not placing stuff when you don’t check that toolbar box but it is regardless. trust that.

Two. I used yahoo’s spyware remover and it picked up all the bad crud that was hidden and attached to a lot of my programs. among some were some keyloggers like redhand and other such malicious software. but and anyhow to make a long story short I just hit delete to get rid of them and didn’t worry about that little warning that it say about if you delete these some of your software might not work. well guess what. it was right. :slight_smile: my cd’s dissappeared and my MS IE no longer worked. yahoo would come up though and so would other browsers. sooo

I found that by using this tweak program WinXP manager and going to the first tab and then repair section and hitting the repair CD/DVD button it fixed it all on the next reboot. :smiley:

so you don’t have to reinstall or go the painfull route of deciding what your gonna lose if you do reformat. just get the tweak program. it also has a utility in it that allows you to repair any windows XP file. It will do a full check on the entire list of the original installed files and find any that are corrupted and not the original ones and repair them.

and if your using p2p and have raised your half open connections just use this file called evid4266patch and it will set your half open connection for you too. :slight_smile:

hope this helps cuz it sure helped me. l8r bro


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