NEC releases industry first $99.99 internal DL burner

I just posted the article NEC releases industry first $99.99 internal DL burner.

October 25, 2004 06:00 AM US Eastern Timezone
NEC Launches Industry’s First $99.99
Internal Double Layer 16X DVD/RW Writer

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Please note that the reactions from the complete site will be synched below. $99 CANADIAN and 16x AND Dual Layer. $99 Same :X I wonder if Plextor will ever sell OEM DVD burners… :g
[edited by ChocoCat on 26.10.2004 07:32] offers 4 different brands, that do 16x DVD+/-R and dual-layer for under $75.

I thought this was news for a new NEC burner that burns 8x or 16x DL. Because hasn’t the 3500A been out for awhile now? And like ChocoCat said, New Egg has these for under $99

Plextor do sell OEM DVD drives btw. :wink: See this link
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Isn’t this like REALLY OLD news? :r These drives have been out awhile, and for way under $100. Newegg = $73 & free shiping. There are also plenty of other dual layer burners under $100. The Pioneer DVR-108 & DVR-A08XL is newer and arguably better. It’s all in the forums.

yes, i thought the same…old news… think i saw the drive already for 69 euro’s

and now hopes the NEC Double layer drive is compatible with the Double layer discs :d

While the 3500 has been available as an oem drive, this is an announcement that the drive will sold in a retail box with an NEC warranty.

Most of the poster have missed the point that NEC is shipping the 3500 as a retail package now. Before this announcement, you could only purchase an OEM version of the drive in the US. Support for the OEM version of the drive has been poor to non-existant. With a retail version of the drive, NEC will have to start support it. :):slight_smile:

Hopefully with this retail version the front of the drive will look a little less plain, perhaps even NEC and the dvd logo’s written in black on there :slight_smile:

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Lowest price on Pricegrabber $69:
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It’s a RETAIL drive though isn’t it? Not an OEM drive which has been available. Comes with “the ULead DVD MovieFactory™ 3.5 Suite Deluxe edition a key component to the new NEC ND-3500A DVD Kit is outstanding news for consumers,”

ebuyer has the OEM version for £39.14 for beige or £41.19 with a black facia I haven’t found the retail version yet though.
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Aye, its fubared on mine as well.

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