NEC recomended media for 3500a?

Does anyone know where I can find NEC’s recommended media list for the 3500. I’ve looked but can’t find it. There are too many nec sites on the web :confused:

Also how does NEC or any other company rate media if the media companies switch manufactures without changing their brand names?

I’m not sure if I should be media in a store or if i can order it online. Do some brands always use the same manufacture. Any good sites to order from in the US would be appreciated. :bow:

Thanks for the help im new to dvd burning

Recommended media list for the ND-3500 by NEC:

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List of media that allows ‘overspeeding’:

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Complete media list of the current firmware(s):

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So that’s why my 52x Prodisc CD-R’s only show 32x and not 48x, NEC don’t like them. Shame they only ever burn upto 23x according to ONES though :frowning:

I have a tub of 8x Philips dvd+r (RICOHJPNR02) which burn at 12x

What do you think about these Samsung 8x DVD+R ?

Have you tested them?

Samsung DVD+R 4.7 GB - 8x - 50 Stk. in Cakebox (Plus-R)

Gesamtbewertung: (5.00 von 5) - siehe Detailseite

* SAMSUNG DVD+R 4.7GB gelabelt
* Geschwindigkeit: 8x speed
* höchste Qualitätsstufe AAA-Grade
* kompatibel mit allen Laufwerken
* Testsieger PC WORLD 1/2004
* 50 Stück gelabelt in Cakebox

EUR 27.50

You can find them in, I’m sorry but it is not possible direct linking to the page.

Can you tell me what are the best +R 8x media from or


Forget those Samsungs (Optodisc) if you want high quality media. Why does it have to be Nierle or CDRohlinge24 only? I posted a list of German online vendors shipping to other European countries here.

The best +R media Nierle sells atm are either these 8x Verbatim +R discs (click), or these Verbatim 4x ones. The best media for overspeeding they sell are these Platinum 8x discs, provided that they send you RICOHJPNR02s (NOT guaranteed there). And that’s not a good price for those discs either. I posted a thread in the bargains section with a link to an Ebay auction where you can get those discs at almost half the price, and there you get RICOHJPNR02s only (they ship to other European countries, too).

The best +R media CDRohlinge24 sells are these Verbatims:

Verbatim DVD+R Colour Disc 4x - 50 Stk. Slim Case (Plus-R) 49.99 EUR

These are TY 4x discs, some of the best media there is, they can be burned at 8x speed in great quality.


Does the platinum dvd+r have a good writing quality?

Yes, the RICOHJPNR02 Platinums most definitely have. The NEC 3500 allows you to burn them at 12x speed even.

what is exactly a supported media list??
i mean…for esample…i have verbatim mcc certified 4X…so it is written in dvd’s
why does my nec 3500 let me write to this media up to 8X??
is it normal?
i don’t uderstand…the reason i can write to these dvd’s up to 8X is because the dvd writer doesn’t recognize the kind of media at all…so it gives me this chance…or it does recognize this media as a media in his own supported media list…like “i am able to write to it at 8X aven if the producer guarantees 4X”
it is a bit complicate…i hope you understand what i want to say

The NEC drive, just like most other drives, allows you to “overspeed” certain high quality media because the media, although it is certified for lower speeds, can be burned at higher speeds with no considerable loss in burning quality. The drive does recognise the media properly, it just allows you to write certain media faster. The NEC engineers developing the drive firmware test different media, and decide which MID will be allowed to be written faster than the certified speed.

There is no 16x certified media (broadly) available yet, for example. That’s why the NEC 3500 allows you to burn certain (high quality) 8x media at full 16x speed.

ok thanks…i understand…so i did this try

I burned a verbatim MCC dvd-r 4X disk first at 4X (official disk speed) and then at 6X (nec supported speed)
i find the 6X disk is much slower than 4X one…
for example the acces time…it takes 13seconds the 4X disk and 20 seconds the 6x burned disk
the time is count from when i close the the tray to when the green led switchs off…meaning that the disk is now ready to be read
but also it seems that the nec read the 6X burned disk with more difficult…for example when I change the folder i am reading the disk…i have to wait more time…

so i ask you all guys…is it worthy to gain time when i burn the disk…if i have to loose time later when i read it???if someone of you can do this try…just to confirm mt results…it would be helpfull for everyone!!!