NEC places orders of 200k-300k 16x DVD burners from LiteOn

I just posted the article NEC places orders of 200k-300k 16x DVD burners from LiteOn.

  While NEC is  well known for their high quality drives, apparently they have decided  to start sourcing between 200k to 300k OEM 16x DVD burners from  Lite-On IT. ...
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Nooooooo :(:c:r It’s the begining of the end!!! Repent now!!!

Guess I will have to stick with my LG if my NEC gives out. I have two Lite-Ons and neither one burn cd’s very well.

Oh no, first Sony and now NEC moving to LiteOn hardware. Only good thing is you will get bitsetting without a patched firmware.

I hate liteon DVD drives. I have used 3 different models at work, and all DVD’s created had errors :r

Blimey make your minds up! last night it was Lite-on place an order from NEC!

LiteOns are OK as DVD Writers. However, NEC surpasses LiteOn by A LOT. Don’t worry though, they’ll OEM slim drives only so, from this point of view, i’m covered :stuck_out_tongue:

That´s a shock for me. I have a NEC ND 3500 and a LiteOn 1653S and I can say that the NEC beats the Lite without problems when it comes to writing-quality. I know the newer Lite´s, especially the 1693 is a big improvement against the 1653s, but isn´t a match for the NEC 3540. I can only hope that LiteOn switches to an other chipset which performs better than the Mediatek they use at the moment.

I am wondering why NEC decided on this one. I was a big fan of Liteon CD burners. I still own one. I owend a Liteon 411s, 851s, 832s. I got rid of the 411s and 851s for horrible quality. The 832s I still have and is OK. I love my NEC 3500, 2 3520s… This will be interesting.

haha… LiteOn will dominate :B

Everyone did read half-height models I hope? I think the normal NEC DVD burners will remain to be produced by NEC.

Half-height means standard sized 5.25" drives… not laptop drives.

If NEC starts using Liteon drives I’ll have to switch brands. I switched from Liteon to NEC because NEC DVD burners blew Liteon out of the water. If anyone from NEC is reading this, STOP! Don’t start selling inferior drives!

Half-height drives are the standard size drives used in PC’s. For example a PC case with 3 half-height bays can take up to three typical optical drives. Full-height drives are uncommon and are generally only found in servers. The only examples I’m aware of DLT and SDLT tape drives which take the space equivalent of two bays. Slimline drives on the otherhand are generally used in laptops. I thought you knew this :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope that Liteon will be make much better drives in near future; but I don´t know if Liteon can be so fast so good like NEC is.

I didn’t :wink: Then I still wonder why it’s such a relative small amount!