Nec or pioneer?

i’m looking at the Pioneer DVR-108 or the NEC ND-3500A. i was told that the pioneer uses a nec chipset but with lesser features. this alone makes me wanna go towards the nec.
anyways, if anyone wants to give me some support on which one to buy, and also choose your choice of burner in the poll. thanks :slight_smile:

NEC does not make pioneer parts I do believe. They are completly different companies and manufacturers. If you want the best burns and the option of Bitsetting using updated firmware, I would go with the NEC 3500. until Pioneer gets thier head out of thier Arse with not supporting bitsetting (every other manufactorer supports it now including Plextor :wink: ) it seems a clear choice. Plus overall the NEC 3500 is a better and quicker burner. But on the other hand do not over look the Benq DW1620 it is a very sweet burner also. :iagree:

oops I voted for the wrong one change one vote from pioneer to NEC. Must of been a hanging chad! :Z

PS moderator of this forum this should go to the Recording hardware forum.

The Pioneer 108 / A08 has the same NEC chipset which the NEC ND-3500A has, but the firmware and the rest of the hardware are different. As far as the topic goes: Beaten to death, I’ve read at least 6969 other very similar threads in the last few months here. Both drives are a very good choice, the strenghts and weaknesses have been discussed a gazillion times. Just throw a coin if you can’t decide.

I had never heard that they were the same, still though without bitsetting I would go with the 3500.

They do have the same chipset, thought this is well known by now. Check out the review (just an example) for details.

Ok cool I did not know that. I definately do not agree with that whacky review though…the way they test using plextools is just wrong, they are doing a PIE/POE test and refer to it as PIF/PO testing, I do not even think they know what the difference is.

I agree with you. But it has some useful information about the drive at least.

some reviews give better burn quality to 108
they have the same chipset , the diference is pioneer heads are pioneer and nec heads are made by sanyo.

all i know is that my current gsa-4082b with firmware A207 isn’t burning dvds good anymore. and bad playback too. which means, i will buy new burner…

I have both drives and beleive me when Pioneer gets thier head out of thier Arse and implements SL bitsetting I will use thier drive alot more. :iagree: