Nec or Pioneer

which one would u choose? the price of Pioneer 108 in my country is 12 bucks higher than Nec 3500, but that’s not the issue… i need something for burning a lot of cd’s but offcourse dvd’s also…

please write cons and pros…


I would go with the NEC but there have been so many posts on this already there has been a new poll\post made just for this sort of question

so am will buy nec i guess… but i need some info

i have a pioneer 120s - will it be with nec 3500 for on the fly writting? or is it better to rip it on a hard drive and to burn it then?

at what does nec 3500 suck? at reading or what?


With any burner - on the fly burning will be more prone to errors than ripping to harddrive and burning to disc-

Best setup is to get a DVD rom drive to use as your ripper/reader and use your 3500 for burning DVD’s and CD’s-

A good one is Aopen 1648/aap for around $30 plus shipping - excellent reads and rips-

This takes a lot of work off your burner and you don’t have to engage in “disc dancing”


a have a dvd-rom, Pioneer 120s slot in - will it do?

btw i have 2 hard disks, a dvd-rom and nec 3500 - which channel what?

i have two hdd on primary ide and nec 3500 on secondary master and aopen1648 as secondary slave.
evereything works fine

As far as Pioneer dvdrom drives go, they’re okay readers. I’ve had the 116s and while it’s ok at reading data dvds, it’s super SLOW at ripping dvd movies and music cds. You’re far better off with the Aopen drive mentioned above or a LiteOn 16x dvdrom drive. After using the riplock f/w for my 166s, I have very fast speeds when ripping dvds and doing on the fly dvd-to-dvd copy.


My secondary set up different with Sony 1612 DVD-rom drive set as “Master” and the 3500 set as “Slave” and it works GREAT!!

BTW - don’t use “Cable Select” or “CS” - does some funny stuff in some 'puters - depends on chip set - so using the 'ole “Master” “Slave” routine is still best!!

Happy Burnin’



As an update - just replaced the Sony 1612 DVDrom drive with a Aopen 1648/aap DVDrom drive-

What a difference - minimum 20% faster reads and rips-

Yup - I’m happy-


ok, thx… another one: which standard supports multisession? + or -?


Both - and + RW media support multisessions


i ment dvd+r or dvd-r? not rw…


Non rewriteable DVD media does not support multi-session like the CD’s do-