NEC? or OPTORITE CW5205 Power calbration error



Hello all,I have an Optorite CW5205 and I’ve only had it for about 7 months and can’t use it anymore. I get write speed of only 4x when it’s supposed to be a 52x24x52. If I try to write at 4x it gives a power calibration error. I checked the Optorite website but there are no FAQs on this problem. I’ve checked my cables, my jumper settings haven’t been messed with, my media isn’t the problem (used smartburn) and tried Nero 5 and Deepburn, still detects at 4x. Optorite has lousy tech support (I’ve emailed and received no answer) and the firmware upgrade for my model number gives an error ‘not support for this!’. Can anyone tell me what the solution is besides getting a new writer??The reason I have posted here is because it has come to my attention NEC develops a writer with the same model number. :confused: :confused: