NEC or LiteOn? need advise on which drive to keep

Hey guys.

Just bought a new PC and it came with the Lite-On S832 drive. I have been using the NEC 2500A with the 107v2b5 Firmware and just wandering which drive I should keep. The losser will be sold off. I mostly use -R media due to my stand alone DVD player not reading +R :sad: . The NEC lets me burn 4X disks @ 8X without a hitch. Will the Lite-On do that with a FW upgrade and how stable will it be?


If you mostly burn -r media, then stick with the NEC. Lite Ons favor +r media. Using the Codeguys OmniPathcer will allow burning 4x discs @ 8x.

you can burn +r media with dvd-rom bitsetting!

I’d say keep the NEC!

If you use mostly minus media, keep the NEC.

If you want a good reader, keep the LiteOn. If you want a good writer, keep the NEC. Or keep both of them and kick your DVD-ROM (that’s what I should do!)

With the firmware you’re using, the NEC can also do SL and DL +R bitsetting. Bitsetting on -R is not possible, it’s not supported by the standard. With the right firmware, you can do +RW bitsetting too on the NEC. LiteOn does it all.

If you want to use cheap media (Princo, Emtech, Infosmart), keep the NEC for sure! There is a change that your LiteOn will be destroyed beyond repair when you use cheap media on a regular base.

If you want to do PI/PO tests, only the LiteOn can do it. But when you keep the NEC, you won’t need them, because every burn is good!

I’ve been having a LiteOn LDW-411S@811S for some time and sold it because I was not satisfied. After a NEC ND-2510A, I now have a NEC ND-3500AG. I’ve never regretted the changeover.