NEC or LG please help me to choose

I want to get a new DVD writer to replace my defective LiteOn External drive. I want to get an internal one, so which one to go for?
LG GSA-4160B or NEC ND-3500A
both with 16X and Dual layer writing.

LG GSA-4160B: originally it was the drive I had planned to buy, but it was arriving in Italy very late (it is still not available in most shops) and LG Italy still does not support firmware upgrading, so I have eliminated my idea to buy it. However it does support DVD-RAM writing which was the format I was going to use with my backups (it has excellent error correction!). Unfortunately, by refusing the LG I have also refused DVD-RAM writing.

NEC ND-3500A: very good drive, comparable only to the Pioneer DVR-108 (my drive). Fast, reliable, supports bitsetting to set your DVD+Rs to DVD-ROM for better compatibility.

If I had to choose between these two drives, I would go for the NEC (which is also cheaper and more industry-supported than the LG ;)).

nec 3500a

if you want DVD-RAM, go for lg. get NEC if you don’t want that

Does the LG GSA-4160B actually write to DVD+R DL rather than just merely ‘supporting’ it?

I’ve visited some websites (below) and it is not totally clear.

In any event I will wait for DL writing to settle down and have x16 writing speed for DVD+R DL.

Any help will be greatfully appreciated.


I have two 3500’s and am VERY satisified with both-

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