I am shopping for a dvd burner. Iv narrowed my drives to 2 choices: the ASUS DRW-1608P2 SV or the NEC ND-3550A. Both are on NewEgg that I saw. Which one would be the best choice? Any help/opinions will be greatly appreciated.

NEC (or a Benq 1650). The Asus is a rebadged Pioneer so it’s a good burner as well, but I would go with a NEC or Benq first.

LOL - They’re both the same drive…just different OEM’s. The Asus is an NEC, The Pioneer is also a rebadged NEC. Long live NEC!

so it doesnt matter what one i get? it will be the same?

Apart from Firmware and the badge - yea.

Pioneer uses NEC chipsets, but it’s NOT the same as being a NEC drive. Two different things. If you want a NEC, buy the NEC.

NOT Exactly the same but close enough - the chipset is where 99% of the quality and performance lies - OEM is just the maker of the casing Tray, Spindle, Gears and servo. (not always) If it is possible to cross-flash (which it is) - Its the SAME thing.

You’re telling me you can crossflash a Pioneer to a NEC and vice versa? :rolleyes:

The Asus is a rebadged Pioneer, NOT a NEC. NOT the same thing. It’s a Pioneer with Asus’ firmware, it can be flashed to a Pioneer, it CANNOT be flashed to a NEC.

NO! The ASUS is a Pioneer and the NEC is a NEC! You can get more detailed info in the Pioneer forum! :cool:

ok so it doesnt matterwhat one i get, they are both the same?

Yeah, that’s what I’ve been saying the whole time, someone else insists on confusing matters. :rolleyes:

silentblackhat, THEY ARE NOT THE SAME. The Asus is a Pioneer (with Asus’ firmware, you can use Pioneer’s firmware if you choose), and the NEC IS A NEC IS A NEC IS A NEC IS A NEC. If you want a NEC, buy the NEC. If you want a Pioneer, buy the Asus. I would prefer the NEC, but either drive would be ok.

Ditto! Buy the ASUS!

hey! I may get the ASUS or the new liteon! What did you buy silentblackhat ?
My 716 just died!