NEC / Optiarc Optical Drives table by Blackened2687 & czary2mary

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Anyone know if optiarc 7250H is a true optiarc, or a liteon? its look too similar like a liteon from the outcase

It is a Nec based drive. It’s a 7260 with a slower read firmware.

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7250H is an OEM, at leat the one I have. The mechanics looks like a LiteOn, except the front bezel.

It´s different to the old Optiarcs but not exact like LiteOn-drives

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what do you mean different,. also do you know if ad7200A is nec chipset, because i know there are two different types, but i dont know what the other one is

The case of the drive looks not like LiteOn, it´s the Optiarc-design, my 7260S have the LiteOn design. But older NECs like my 7173 have the emergency hole on a different place, so the mechanic is different.

Maybe the later Optiarc were something between NEC and LiteOn. But can´t say which chip it uses