NEC/Optiarc DVD-R Reading Problems

And one final observation, today i made a series of discs FILMS35-38 disc films35 works super, disc flms36 and 37 have just one unreadable file and disc films 38 has 2 files totally unreadable and one which stops at about the half of it.
I burned them the one after another, without pauses between the burns.
Any suggestions?

Please somebody give me an answer!!!

This is due to cheap/bad media. Please try with better media or do not burn more than 3gb on those discs you have actually.

I’ve solved my by uninstalling VIA hyperion drivers, and installing the oldest version I have, 4.41 I think

So I’m welcome to the club too ? :slight_smile:
I share the same problem you have, it’s ND-4550A and it stopped reading DVD-R recently (it’s now I’ve realised it only reads DVD+R). It burns all well. I’ll try to provide as much information I have about this problem 'cause it’s freaking me out.

My observation suggests that it is up to system, as it reads DVD-R fine in Vista both x64 and 32bit versions and also on both final retail and RC2 versions. I’ve tried putting the drive into another computer that runs XP/SP1 and it behaved same as on mine (my is XP/SP2, nF4 MBD).

The message that I get when I try to access DVD-R says The volume does not contain a recognized file system. Please make sure that all required file system drivers are loaded and that the volume is not corrupt.

Thank you very much, I’l try doing so!!!

nvidia ide drivers? Try with the m$ ones, standard ide drivers.

Tried that. Btw, the other machine I’ve tried it on is Penthium2 with intel chip and microsoft default driver installed so I am pretty sure it is not IDE driver issue at all.

Yes, I can confirm that at least one NEC 4550A drive which refuses to read DVD-R discs in WinXP or Win2000 (tried on several machines) reads them w/o problems in DOS.

But there is more. It works in Windows Vista with a minor error (sorry I forgot to write down, but it was about corrupted volume header or something like it when I tried to access volume properties - if I can I’ll post more about it later).

So yesterday I was able to boot and install Windows Vista from “bad” drive and I had access to all files on DVD-R after all.

I’ve haven’t found solution to this problem yet. Tried to use cdrom.sys and cdfs.sys from vista on XP (by overwriting) but they can’t work on XP. I did some research on registry values related to cdrom and cdfs driver but found nothing new. There are just settings like, when the driver is loaded, wich group it belongs to and stuff like that. Nothing related to data accessing or something like that. Crap.

Try leaving generic M$ IDE drivers and copy “ATAPI.SY_” from winXP installation CD, rename it to “atapi.sys” and overwrite the same file located in windows\system32. After restart, it should work - works for me with Nec 4551A having problems with reading and writing DVD-R’s

My drive still had some warranty, so I returned it. Today I called the guys, and they said the drive is going to be replaced with a new one. They didn’t explain me what exactly was the problem.

Before I returned it, I checked it at my sister’s computer, which is with ALi chipset. It didn’t work.

Just to make some corrections to my previous post:

That was wrong - there’s absolutely no error in Windows Vista, the drive works perfect :slight_smile: I just forgot that I tried to mount DVD-R volume in PC-BSD machine, where actually I saw that error - shame on me :o

Today I tried that same bad 4550A drive on Windows 98 SE machine - no problems at all with DVD-Rs, drive reads them without single error.

About the CuBe-O solution - not worked for me either with Windows 2000 or with Windows XP - just received some BSODs at start-up :slight_smile: So please, if you’re not absolutely sure that you can handle and resolve such situations - please don’t try :slight_smile:

They replaced my 4550A with 5170A, because they didn’t have 4550A. Did they fucked me up? 5170A doesn’t read DVD-RAM, but I’m not using that feature at the moment, anyway.

Look, Kreten, I wasn’t trying to pretend to be smart, I just wrote what worked for me

[B]Wrong[/B]. People here give their time freely and we appreciate that. They are not paid to solve other people’s problems. They suggest things that may solve a problem, they give no guarantees that it will work. It’s upto the drive owner to decide if they wish to take any advice given.

Thanks Dee

Just to be more precise (not to rise up flame):

In Windows 2000 hard drives and CD-ROMs on PATA interface are driven by “atapi.sys” driver. Corrupting or deleting of that driver will result BSOD at boot up time with “INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE” error and to repair your installation you must return driver to it’s previous state - it can be painful work for inexperienced user.
So my last words were aimed at users, who cannot solve such situation - as a warning, not as insult to any other contributor.

Best regards!

Try to restore your system to little while back may be you have confect within your windows registry and this restoring solve your problem.

Thanks for making things clear. :flower: