Nec optiarc 7170a recording problem

Hi everybody that is my first post!!
I have a strange problem nero (I had try many editions) and roxio is not reckonize my dvd-r also at windows send to menu there is not any option to send a file at my recorder. I was start thinking that there is a hardware issue but when I install roxio I see that I can write if I use drag to disk utility. So I think that there is a software or driver problem can anyone hepls me???
ps. sorry for my terrible english

Welcome to the forum.
The symptoms you describe are normal, you need burning software to burn DVD-R.
If you want to use drag and drop, it’s best to use DVD-RAM.

I had already install 2 burning software nero and roxio, and both of them are not see my dvd-wr. The only way I can write is via drag_and_drop program (utility that comes with roxio), so there is no hardware problem imo. But why both software cannot see my dvd-wr?