NEC Optiarc 7170A - Any way to slow it down?

I had purchased the NEC Optiarc 7170A for my HTPC, but it turned out to be a lot louder than I expected. I have a NEC 3550A and it’s a lot quieter and my last resort would be to swap these drives since I can deal with a louder drive in my regular PC.

I was reading through the forums and found out about CD Bremse and Nero DriveSpeed, which allowed me to set the speed. However, neither of them seemed to slow down the spinning of the drive. Also I’m running this on Vista Ultimate, so I’m not sure if that makes a difference.

Is there anyway to slow the drive spinning? Either by a modified firmware or some other software?

Thanks in advance!

//krunk (^_^x)

Granted it’s not free, but maybe try AnyDVD just to see if it will work. They some user-friendly speeds called: {Drive Default, Slow & Quiet, Medium, Fast & Noisy}. Plus they support this on different disc types: {Video DVD, Audio CD, Other Disc}.

Plus the fact that they decrypt any DVD-Video or Audio CD is the real gem…they even just released HD-DVD support but that requires an upgrade key = little more money.

thanks! I’ll give that a try and report back.

//krunk (^_^x)

yep anydvd is a good tool for any dvd user