NEC Only Reads Pre-Recorded DVD's

Hi all,

My kid’s older system has an _NEC DV-5800A 1.52 DVD Reader in it. It won’t recognize anything but a pre-recorded (store bought) DVD. I found a Firmware update to 1.92 for it, but wasn’t able to determine if this firmware update will allow their drive to read copied DVD’s or even DVD’s from my DVR (i.e. their TV Cartoons!)

I’m going to update it anyway, but does anybody know where to look to figure out if this update will fix them, or should I start looking for a more modern drive for them?

Thanks everyone,

A DVR normally produces DVDs with a SPECIAL structure, normally you would need to install special drivers to read that off.

There are some drivers for -VR and for +VR. You need one of them depending on what format your DVR records…