NEC NR-7700A only writing at 8x



I have been having some problems with my internal NEC NR-7700A cd writer that I thought some of you might be able to help me with.

I have some cheesy CD-R’s (manufacturer is Moser Baer India Limited (Type 6)) that I have been using (because they were free) and although they say ‘52x’ on the jewel case, I can only burn at 8x instead of 12x which is the max for the NEC NR-7700A. If I remove the CD-R from my drive, my burning software displays ‘12x’ as the supported write speed, but once the CD-R is inserted, it drops back down to 8x. It does this in both Easy CD Creator 5.3.5 Platinum and in Feurio CD Writer 1.68.

If I put the same CD-R in a different computer, I am able to burn that same CD-R at 24x…which is the max speed for the TOSHIBA writer in that machine.

So…is it the CD-R or my NEC cd writer? Any advice you can offer would be much appreciated.