Nec newbie question

i was thinking about buying the nec 2510a. is this a good burner? newegg is selling it for $71.99.

is there any reason i should wait, like new tech on the horizon? i have been weary of buying a burner due to the media being so pricey but my HD is getting full and it will cost me just as much with cd’s.

thanks in advance.

Yes this is a good drive,there’s always new tech on the horizon. So if you wait for new tech you’ll never buy anything.

lol, handy help there bamo :wink: yes it is a great drive. Check out the nec for more info.

what i meant by new tech was is there something coming out (like blueray) that will make any normal burner seem like a bad value.

are there other better burners for around that price?

it’s apple and oranges really. Everyone has there preference, but to be honest in daily use you won’t see much difference. I have found my nec burns bad and good quality media the best.

Liteon has great tools

The others have their pluses, best thing to do is just to read around the forum and make your own mind up.

i will thanks. i am cheap so will probably use cheap media. i will just be using it for back up and home authoring. i don’t need a fancy drive.

then nec will suit your needs just perfect. plus they are really cheap now

thanks for the help.

does nec use smartburn?

I have also purchased an NEC 2510A but my Ridisc GO5 disc are only showing as being rated at 4x when I know that they burn at 8x in the Pioneer 107.
Can anyone give me an idiots guide on how to overcome this problem please.

update the official firmware, or use one of herrie’s.

However G05 have really dived in quality recently so writer manufacturers don’t want to garuntee an 8x burn, but only 4x.


Please do a little searching. Of course we are happy to help, but i’m sure you will find your answer quicker by yourself. google is a great friend :wink:

There is no new official firmware upgrade for this drive yet and I wouldn’t be sure how to do it anyway.
Also, Herries homepage seems to be down at present, or is it just me. (I am using Mozilla Firefox as I Explorer is C**P)

I bought 2 2510a’s from newegg in the past 2 months, 1 for me, one for a friend, another friend bought one from them as well. With the stock 2.15 firmware, this has so far been a realy good value…:slight_smile:

As far as the dual layer function and 8x possibilities, those were and are not terribly important to me. “Speed burning” to me means coasters…I’m happy to burn at 4x. As for the dual layer…when the disks are cheaper…nice to have the option.

Someone posted a “sale” on the NEC ND 2500a (I think I got the initials right) in the CD Freaks Bargain Basement forum. It’s an Office Max sale in some areas of the USA with an after rebate price of $50.00. I know they are offering them in my area at the moment. I think that’s a bargain as I paid $79.00 a couple of months ago for the same burner.

i got a nec 2510 this week to overcome all the probs with burning media sucessfully and so far not 1 failure --using datawrite yellow v2 ritec G04’s well pleased.

my other dvd drive is a freecom RW8J1 nothing but problems on various media NOT RECOMMENDED ! get a nec 2510 prob solved